"All Muslims should be careful not to waste in Ramadan on both iftar and suhoor meals," says Şanlıurfa Provincial Mufti Ihsan Açık.

Şanlıurfa Provincial Mufti Ihsan Açık, who was in the evaluations regarding the virtue of this blessed month, said, "All Muslims should be careful not to waste in Ramadan on both iftar and suhoor meals".

Expressing that during the month of Ramadan, the Qur'an should be read in a lot; Açık recommended that this month should be seen an opportunity by Muslims to be cleansed from committed sins and perform this month with the best.

Describing the month of Ramadan will clean Muslims' mind and their polluted hearts, Açık said, "We have polluted our minds, our brain, our eyes and our ears for 11 months, we have committed sins. We have polluted in both material and spiritual. Now, Ramadan month will clean our heart and our mind like mercy rains. Of course, if we give the opportunity to Ramadan to change us, the month of Ramadan will be an advantage to us."

"We should not waste it on the iftar and suhoor meals" 

Expressing that the theme of the Presidency of the Religious Affairs Office for this year's Ramadan is the "waste", Açık said that all Muslims should avoid any kind of waste during Ramadan.

"Every Muslim has to contemplate saving in Ramadan," he continued: "At this point, we have to be aware what we waste in our food, drink, time and clothing in this month. We will also contemplate this kind of thing in this month. What we do for the thing we do not need like our time, food and clothes? We prevent the good deeds of Ramadan by wasting. We have to solve our problem related to the waste. We should not waste on both iftar and suhoor. If we waste, then there will be no meaning of fasting." (Hüseyin Sayhar - ILKHA)

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