Ramadan in front of the 300-degree oven temperature

Bakers in Batman spend their Ramadan month in front of 300-degree heat oven temperature to bake bread.

Bakers in Turkiye's Batman perform their fasting worship despite the 300-degree oven temperature and sultry weather.

Bakers working in front of 300 degrees of oven consumed 5 liters of water before the Ramadan, and now thank Allah for the strength they can work as fasting.

Halit Güneş who makes living for many years by working in the bakery emphasized; "This year's Ramadan is cooler than the other years. It is cooler outside but we work in front of a 300-degree oven temperature. Of course, it is hard to work in front of the oven as fasting, but thanks to Allah, we do both, fast and work. Thanks to Allah, everything is well so far. I was consuming 5 liters a day in front of the oven before the Ramadan but thanks to Allah, I can stay until evening without a drop of water."

Fuat Doğan, who stated that they did their work without paying attention to the extreme heat in the oven, said, "Ramadan is more comfortable every year than the previous year. The previous Ramadan was harder a little more but this year's Ramadan is cooler. The bakery job is already a difficult job and it gets harder during the Ramadan. That is why we do not work for most of the day's hours. Normally we would work from 7.00 to 20.00 before the Ramadan, but during the Ramadan, we work from 14.00 to 19:30. We work for 4 or 5 hours a day due to the Ramadan. In addition, above of all, of course, Allah gives strength when we work. I can say that I can see the mercy of Allah with the bare eye. (ILKHA)

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