Fahrettin Aslan, a known imam of Van, emphasized that Ramadan is not a festival or a fun month, emphasized that spiritual charge must be realized by understanding this month with worship and deed accounting.

Fahrettin Aslan, one of Van's well-known imams, stated that Ramadan is not a festival and entertainment month. "Ramadan is a month that to leave tired stomach aside for a month and to charge our hunger and avid nefs, our soul with spiritual.

Mullah Fahrettin Aslan, who spoke to ILKHA's correspondent, had important recommendations about what should be done this month, and the premiere of the holy month of Ramadan.

Aslan said that the month of Ramadan is a lucrative and blessed month, and there are many benefits of fasting that Muslims can gain from this month.

"Fasting is such a worship that Allah promises He will Himself reward those who perform. Fasting is a worship that has great influence on the believer's spiritual life," he said. (ILKHA)

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