In Afghanistan, at least 22 security guards have been killed by a bomb-laden vehicle attack. In other attacks carried out by Taliban on Jaghatu and Dih Yak districts, at least 21 police officers reportedly were killed.

The bomb-laden attack carried out in Kandivali region in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan at 12.30 am local time.

Some 22 security officers reportedly were killed and 37 other people were wounded in the attack.

It was stated that the attack was carried out with a bomb-laden vehicle, the security forces noticed the vehicle, and the car was exploded while the bomb disposal experts were approaching the vehicle. 

Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesperson for the governor of Kandahar Province, said the car had been parked in an auto repair garage in the center of the city. Four of the 16 people killed were members of the security forces, Ahmadi said, adding that an additional 38 people were wounded. Most of the casualties were civilians, he said, and some were children.

Condemnation from Turkish Foreign Affairs

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack in Afghanistan's Kandahar city. The following statements were made in the explanation:

We learned with deep sorrow that many people were killed and wounded at a terrorist attack perpetrated today in Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

We condemn this heinous terrorist attack and wish Allah’s mercy upon those who lost their lives, speedy recovery to the wounded, and convey our condolences to the friendly Government and the brotherly people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban took control of 2 cities

On the other hand, members of the Taliban killed some 21 police officers in the attacks against Jaghatu and Dih Yak districts of the Ghazni province. It was learned that the conflicts continued in areas close to the district centers.

Seven police officers were killed in Dih Yak, including the district police chief Faizullah Toofan and reserve commander Haji Baraket. Seven others policemen were killed in Jaghatu district.

The Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that they took both district's control and 43 security officers were killed in the clashes. (ILKHA)

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