of the children in Afghanistan out-of-school

It has been revealed that nearly 4 million children in Afghanistan are missing out on school and 60 percent of girls are out of education.

A study by the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, found that nearly half of children in Afghanistan could not go to school. According to the survey, about 3 million 700 thousand children between the ages of 7 and 17 are not able to benefit from educational facilities.

In a UNICEF survey, it was stated that the most important reason why children cannot go to school is the ongoing conflict and worsening security situation across the country combined with deeply engrained poverty.

The number of people who were forced to leave their places due to the war in 2018, according to the figures of humanitarian organizations, is reported to be about 100 thousand.

While a shortage of female teachers, poor school facilities, and insecurity affecting the delivery of education in conflict-affected areas are also factors driving children, particularly girls, away from the classroom.

UNICEF noted that schools are closed in areas where conflicts have intensely experienced and that families did not send their children to the school because the school road is dangerous. According to the information given by the Afghan government, it is estimated that about one thousand schools have been closed because of the conflicts in the country. (ILKHA)

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