girl dies of suffocation in the car

A little girl allegedly lost her life of suffocation while playing in a car in Turkiye's Şanlıurfa.

A 2-year-old girl, who claimed to be suffocated while playing in a parked car in Siverek district of Şanlıurfa in Turkiye's SE.

The incident took place in the neighborhood of Eskihan in the district. According to information, the 2-years-old Güneş Bulut got into a parked car after playing a while next to the house. It was alleged that the little girls lost her life of suffocation after the car was locked.

The family who noticed their little girl was missing, ended up searching around. They then noticed the little girl locked in the car. A relative broke the car's window reportedly and the little girl was removed from the car.

After the first intervention by the health team called to the scene, it was determined that the little girl lost her life.

The young girl's body was removed to the Diyarbakır Forensic Medicine Institution for the autopsy. While the health teams intervened to the relatives of the little girl who has a nervous crisis in the hospital, the investigation started about the incident continues. (Hüseyin Sayhar - ILKHA)

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