In Pervari district of Siirt, the security cabin of the guards attacked with hand grenades. It was claimed that "intelligence special operations" appeared in a suspicious vehicle that quickly moved away from the area after the attack.

An interesting event took place in these days when the removal of the Emergency State was discussed. On the event that "intelligence special operations" unit attacked on a security guard cabin with hand grenades in Siirt's Pervari district and moved away quickly by a vehicle, brought allegations within itself that the attack carried out by intelligence special operations.

While there was no casualty in the event, it was learned that an injured security guard had not been recorded into the hospital's papers and that the weapons of security guards, who were attacked, were taken from them.

According to the information, the noteworthy event took place in the village of Palamutlu, in Pervari, on Friday night at 02.00 p.m.

A security guard who did not want give his name narrated ILKHA's correspondent the how the incident had happened.

As usual, the security guard said that they were guarding with their friends and they said they saw a suspicious car-light and heard the noise at 2 pm on Friday night.

On a suspicion, they informed the head of the security guard, phoned the nearby gendarmerie station he said and added: "We just got news that there is no any trouble from the gendarmerie station a few minutes after the phone. However, we decided to change the location again, and as we were changing location, 2 hand grenades were thrown to our position. One didn’t blow, but the other exploded and injured one of our friend Z.K. with the shrapnel. We started to shoot in the direction where the bombs came from."

"The intelligent special operations" came out of the suspicious vehicle!"

The eyewitness who said the villagers who heard the bombs sounded out said, "We called the villagers and told them not to allow the passage of the vehicle down. The villagers closed the roads. They did not allow the passage of the vehicle driving from the top of the village. The vehicle had to go back to up. We stopped the car and asked them to show their identity. They said that they are 'intelligence special agents', and we wanted them to show their duty papers but they did not have duty papers. So, we wanted to search for their vehicles but they did not allow it."

"If we did not change our position in the last minute, we would all die"

The eyewitness who narrated that the military officers in the station also noted they have no information about the 'intelligence special agents' in the area, asked: "What were the 'intelligence special agents' doing there without informing any officers?"

While this incident was happening, this time, another vehicle came from the direction of Siirt said the eyewitness indicating that they stopped the second vehicle and there were also 'intelligence special agents' inside of the vehicle.

We didn’t let them go. We searched their vehicles, found weapons and made them wait until soldiers from the station have arrived. Later, the injured security guard was taken to Siirt State Hospital. However, they did not make a hospital record for our friend so that the incident would be heard, and they sent him back. We heard that some of 10 'intelligence special agents' were taken to the court and arrested.

"We were all dead if we had not taken the measure that night and changed our position in the last time," the eyewitness said and added that the weapons of security guards, who delivered intelligence agents were taken from them until the court comes to a conclusion.

While the removal of the emergency state has been on the agenda, this kind of event catches the attention and no official statement has been made so far regarding the attack and details of the attack. (ILKHA)

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