on Erbil's Governorate building: 4 dead

Four people lost their lives in an armed assault and suicide attack on the governorate building of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil.

In the attack against the Iraqi Regional Government (KRG) capital in Erbil, 3 people, including 2 children were killed.

While one of the two of the governor staff taken hostage by the attackers, was rescued, the other hostage lost his life in the conflict emerged between attackers and security guards. Two police officers reportedly were wounded. Officials have announced that the 3 attackers were killed in the conflict while one of the hostages lost his life and the operation has ended.

The police took control of the bureaucracy by forming a safety circle around the governorate building and surroundings.

The identity of the three armed men who entered the building of the governor's office in Erbil was also revealed. The assailants were Reh êl Muhammad Rustem Musa, 16, Bilal Süleyman Abdurrahman Ahmed, 18, Abdurrahman Rahim Kadir Hussein, 16, who were registered in the Erbil (Hewlêr) population and all three were high school students.

The staff of the governor who died in the attack was confirmed as Ferhan Aliya Braimoka, 55, registered in Erbil's Shaklawa.

One of the armed attackers entered the Governorship building reportedly was carrying bomb-jacket and blew himself during the attack while the others attacked with barrels and killed. (ILKHA)

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