The inventor named Muslim Incedal, who has been searching for the lack of color separation machine in the food factory he has worked on, has produced the world's highest resolution infrared camera.

Muslim Incedal, who had a great interest in the field of electricity-electronics since his childhood in Gaziantep, worked in electronic shops for summer holidays because of his interest. After finishing secondary school, İncedal studied at Adana Cukurova Industrial Vocational High School and started to work in electric-electronic fields after graduating.

Settled in Mersin after getting married and started working in a food factory, İncedal, entered into a search engine on the lack of color separators used in food factories (sortex).

Incedal, who has been working on industrial imaging for many years, has succeeded in his work, which he started about 10 years ago and has produced his own infrared camera with his own possibilities at home, which can be used in many areas including the industrial field. Incedal, who sells camcorders he has made to companies operating in many fields, is experiencing the happiness of signing a great discovery.

Indicating that he has been working on this project for about 10 years, İncedal told ILKHA reporter his expectations from the state to provide opportunities for him and for inventors like him, asked for help from the authorities in produce and sell these cameras, which exports from other countries.

Incedal stated that his work has transformed the thermal infrared imaging system into a thermal infrared imaging system that can even enter the military field, especially in the industrial field. "In my first study, I measured the light level by connecting a photodiode from the parallel port of the computer and this is how the cameras work. The image of the photodiodes is obtained by linear or dot matrix squares. Later on, I have received serious requests about the invention. I received these requests commercially. I have constantly developed it. I invested a large majority of the money I earned. Commercially these cameras are expensive, although we can sell them at reasonable prices," he added. (İbrahim Koçyiğit - ILKHA)

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