Speaking about sacrifice [Qurban] worship, Bingol Provincial Mufti Muharrem Genç said that the sacrifice worship is a worship made to approach Allah in a spiritual way.

Bingöl Provincial Mufti Muharrem Genç, who made important statements about the sacrifice worship, said that the sacrificial worship was an example of approaching Allah in a spiritual way, to obey Allah's order.

Mufti Genç said the sacrifice worship means to be close to Allah and stated that Abraham Prophet laid its foundation.

He emphasized that the flesh and blood of the sacrifices do not reach Allah and that it is the taqwa of servants reaches to Allah. "Essentially all the worship is already for Allah Almighty. I mean, to approach Him, to increase our taqwa and to win His consent. Qurban is one of these worship."

"There are some conditions for slaughtering our animals"

Pointing out that there are some conditions for slaughtering the sacrificial animals, Genç said, "The animal should not be blind. Their ears should not be cut. The horns should not be broken. It should not be too sick, not to be weak and so on."

"A well-off person must sacrifice"

Referring to the importance slaughtering animals, Genç said the well-off person can perform sacrifice worship, those who accepted as rich in religion.

In his ongoing conversation, Genç said: "First of all, our sacrificial animals must be well-maintained. We need to treat other animals well in fact. Because animals are given as trust from God Almighty, they serve us. Through these, we provide our work. At the same time, we provide our trade and worship from animals. We need to treat all of the animals well for this. Especially for the animal that we will sacrifice, we must make it ready to sacrifice, thinking that I will win the consent of God Almighty."

"The meat of the sacrificed animals cannot be sold; it is the right of the poor"

Genç, who underlines that the meat of the sacrificial animal cannot be sold, it is the right of the poor. "After the sacrificed animal slaughtered, we have to divide the meat into three parts: one-third of the share is given to the poor and needy; another third is given to relatives, friends, and neighbors; and the remaining third is retained by the family. On the other hand, its fur can be sold for poor or students."

"There are some abusive people trying to defame the Muslims' worship"

He pointed out that there are people, who are malicious and oppose the sacrifice, the pilgrimage and other worship services, which are important for Muslims. He expressed that there are some attempts to defeat the Muslims' worship and to destroy their intentions. Genç emphasized that Muslims should be alert to them. (Nihat Kanat - ILKHA)

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