Remarking that the constitution of the coup is the reason for many main problems ranging from education to economy, from politics to racism, HUDA PAR's Mehmet Yavuz voiced that the coup constitution should be changed right away.

Mehmed Yavuz, the President of HUDA PAR, who came to observe the Eid in Adıyaman, continues to celebrate the Eid with the public. Yavuz, who was invited to the program that was organized by the association of 'Vahdet' in Adıyaman, remarked his thoughts on education, economy, and the Kurdish issue.

"HUDA PAR stands next to Islamic activities"

"We, as HUDA PAR, are standing with wherever there is an event about Allah's favors. If we do not have the opportunity, we show the effort to make it widespread in our hearts or our prayers." Emphasizing his opinion about the word of 'nation' Yavuz said, "We are referring to the nation Prophet Ibrahim while we say nation. We say Anatolia nation or people of Turkiye. We do not say one race, not the Turkish nation or the Kurdish nation."

"This law must be changed"

Yavuz pointing to the need for a new constitution, "We will fulfill our opposition duty. For us now the greatest need is changing the coup constitution for Turkiye. Mr. President announced the 100-day action plan. Inside there was nothing about the amendment of the constitution. However, the most important and the main reasons for problems in Turkiye is this constitution. This constitution, which is the product of the coup, has been put forth by a military mentality. It is not in harmony with the beliefs and values of the Muslim nation. Therefore, the problems arise from this. As HUDA PAR, we call for the amendment of the constitution in absolute terms."

"There cannot be such a crime!"

Emphasizing that the Kurdish language is recognized as an unknown language in Parliament paperwork while there are millions of citizens talk in the Kurdish language, Yavuz said, "There cannot be such a crime! What does this mean? It means to prevent the mercy of Allah rain upon us for something Allah has existed but we deny. Turkiye has got to get rid of it. The postponement of this issue will cost Turkiye in every minute, and we all are paying heavy prices for this."

"This war is certain to lose"

Yavuz emphasized that the state should work on a national and indigenous system in order to overcome the economic troubles in the country, "Such a system is connected to the foreign capital, and when the foreign capital withdraws money in a night, hard conditions are beginning to live. Poor becomes much poorer; riches, who invest its money on currency, become even richer. This war is certain to lose. Capitalism and the capitalist system lie. It says that the economy is an art of meeting limited possibilities and limitless possibilities, but we say that the blessings of Allah are unlimited. There is a problem here: the name of the problem is the imbalance in the distribution of income. Where there is a need for a bite of bread at one point on the earth, there is an unnecessary consumption frenzy, waste, corruption, theft, and bribery at another point." (ILKHA)

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