years of science and history have burned

The National Museum of Brazil, founded in 1818 in Rio de Janeiro, was severely destroyed on the Sunday evening fire.

The Brazilian National Museum, one of the biggest natural history collections in the world, had a big fire on Sunday.

The museum had nearly 20 million objects and works, including the oldest human fossil Luzia of America, as well as dinosaur skeletons and ancient Egyptian mummies.

Due to this enormous size of the museum collection, only 1 percent of the works were exhibited.

The Brazilian press wrote that the works were "invaluable" and that the fire was "a catastrophe in terms of both country and continental history and culture".

"It is impossible to quantify what the destruction of the National Museum collection is for Brazil," said Brazilian President Michel Temer, and added that 200 years of study, research and knowledge has been destroyed.

According to the Brazilian press, the budget for the restoration of the building since 2014 has been reduced to 128 thousand dollars a year, causing the situation of the building to worsen. (ILKHA)

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