Karbala should lead resurrection and awaken Muslims from negligence said Mustazafs Association Headquarters in the message issued on the ground of Karbala event anniversary.

Mustazafs Society Headquarters has issued a message on the anniversary of Hussein [The grandson of Prophet Muhammad] and 72 members of his family massacred in Karbala.

Karbala event is the first thing comes to mind when talking about the month of Muharram said in the message. The message continued that this event is the most sorrowful and grievous event in the Islamic history.

"Karbala uprising is a milestone"

"Karbala uprising is a milestone. It is the symbol of the stance against the tyrants and is the touchstone of the Islamic struggle. It is the name of the persecution carried out against the family of the prophet who have not been forgotten after 1380 years," read the message.

Mustazafs Society Headquarters also asked the following questions related to the day of Ashura, "So, the 10th of Muharram is a mourning day or is it a new era that includes great lessons? How did we carry Karbala to these days? Did we understand the message that Karbala wanted to give or did we turned Karbala into a ground of conflict-serialism? We can replicate these and similar questions, and ask ourselves. In fact, we must for our future not to be like today."

"The bloodshed by Hussein and his family should not be wasted"

Stressing that the message wanted to be given by Hussein is not fully understood, the message continued, "We have not derived a lesson from what had lived. Do the bloodshed and tears happening in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt and in other parts of our geography, not correct it? Karbala should lead resurrection and awaken Muslims from negligence.  The blood, shed by Hussein and his family should not be wasted.

At the end of the message, "While the family of Prophet gave up on property, life, and family in order to dominate the right and to establish the justice, the thing falls to us should not be suffocate in the conflicts, or run after desires," the Headquarters at the end of the message. (ILKHA)

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