The veil of mystery on the allegations of murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has not been lifted while the Turkish-Arab Media Association Chief Turan Kışlakçı said they are sure Khashoggi was brutally killed and taken away.

Suspicions grown regarding the claims of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi were killed. Police focused on the suspicion that Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi Arabia Consulate General to Istanbul on October 2.

"We've reached to the news that he was brutally murdered"

The Turkish Arab Media Association President Turan Kışlakçı, who made a press statement in front of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Besiktas, stated that they are surely due to the news they received that Jamal Khashoggi was brutally killed. Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi journalist, was entered the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul 6 days ago but had no evidence that he had left out.

Stating that they have received news 2 days ago and confirmed on Sunday, Kışlakçı said, "The news of his murder was true. We have received information that he was brutally murdered. However, we were not able to confirm this completely. Authorities will have statement sooner or later related to this."

Arguing that Jamal Khashoggi could be killed by those who came from different countries, Kaşıkçı added, "At least 15 people who came here at the first hours, put him to sleep, cut his body into pieces, and each take a part of his body like dogs and go back. I hope there is nothing had happened like this. Consequences will be heavy if it happened.  There is nothing happened like that in the world." (ILKHA)

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