The Third World War has begun said AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş during his speech he participated in a symposium held in Turkiye's southeast Diyarbakır.

"Second International Economy, Politics and Management Symposium" was held by Dicle University. AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş attended the symposium organized at the university's congress center, addressed to the participants.

Kurtulmuş said that today, conflict, tension and upheavals have not only happened in a single region of the world that they have seen large upheavals in almost every part of the world.

"We are going through a period in which the world economy, world politics, and social structures are being redesigned. Instead of trying to understand each of the events one by one, wisdom is the right one to see the bigger picture which is more true to the wise," he said.

"The world came to the brink of reciprocal polarization"

Kurtulmuş stated that an attempt was made to establish a new order by the end of the Cold War in 1990 and said: "Unfortunately, works to form a unipolar world system and a world system in the reign of America, unfortunately, has brought the world to the present with a very painful invoice. During this process, the world came to the brink of reciprocal polarization by re-tension and conflicts. In this context, we can say that the global quest for peace in the post-90 is seen lifted for now."

Stating that all institutions and organizations of the world system have become dysfunctional, Kurtulmuş added, "After 1990, this new world order, unfortunately, has completely lost its magic. No international organization of the world has been able to enforce its function. From the United Nations to the World Bank, each one is in a new search."

"The Third World War has begun"

Drawing attention to the "emerge of concepts" such as trade and economic war, Kurtulmuş said, "I'm not saying to depress you. I'm telling you to determine the truth. Third World War has already begun, so to speak. Contrary to the Second World War, the Third World War was first economic and then political as to begin, it seems like it would develop."

In this period, Turkiye unfortunately on seems like it will get more than its share. How do we understand it? With the change of government model in Turkiye, right after June 24 elections, attacks carried out immediately by currency rate. The currency war is one of the basic reasons behind economic operations against Turkiye.

Kurtulmuş also warned that Turkiye is one of the countries that will be affected by economic wars and trade wars in the coming period.

"105 countries will become poorer in the next 10 years"

Kurtulmuş said 0.7 percent of the world's population has 44 percent of the total wealth in the world.

"On the other hand, 70 percent of the world's population has only 3 percent of the world's wealth. Such a world hasn't existed in the history of mankind. Such a large income distribution cannot lift the injustice of the world. According to the statistics, 105 countries, which exist in the world, will become poorer in the next 10 years, such a world is an uninhabitable world. It is not possible for the poor people to continue the path of the world peacefully without correcting this income injustice," he added. (ILKHA)

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