Families Initiative of People Victimized by FETO Judiciary and Feb. 28 held a press statement in Diyarbakır, demanded justice for the Islamic prisoners, who were jailed under plots and conspiracy, and for their families.

Families Initiative of People Victimized by FETO Judiciary and Feb. 28 held a press statement in Diyarbakır for the Islamic prisoners [Yusufies], who suffer from plots and conspiracy, and for their families to draw attention the grievances lived.

Üzeyir Yuva, a board member of Mustazafs Association, read the press statement, on behalf of the Initiative, which was held at the July 15 Martyrs' Park in the central district Kayapınar.

Saying that they have gathered for their demand of justice and voice of oppressed to be heard, Yuva underlined that they have been targeted by the system in Turkiye because they stood firm for their belief.

Expressing suffering of families and Yusufies have been exposed during the process, Yuva said, "We have lived through many years of suffering just because we lived in accidence to our faith. We have been targeted by the organizations grew up in the system. We were imprisoned and victimized by the formed dirty memory."

Our story of a quarter century of suffering was not wanted to be seen by anyone, our voice was not heard. As the sons of these lands, we were prisoned in the nun-judicial process, and the cruelty we exposed has doubled when we demanded our rights. During this process, we had weddings without grooms. Our parents have passed away with the longing of their son.

"The duties of the capableness is to serve public. Priorities in public services will lead to the establishment of justice. The abolishment of justice should disturb the conscience," he said.

Call to authorities

Yuva called the authorities at the end of the statement:

Victims of the judiciary of February 28 and FETÖ who have been in prison in 15-20-25 years should be freed immediately.
The grievances of victims, who have spend a quarter of a century in the prisons, should be resolved material and moral.
Those responsible for the long-standing victimization should be prosecuted.
In the judiciary, the understanding of justice in the legal system should be institutionalized and the necessary legal measures should be taken for all public institutions to internalize it.

Above all, a new civil constitution should be made in order to prevent future generations from experiencing similar grievances. (Emrah Deniz, Muhammed Said Aksoy - ILKHA)

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