,800 migrants either died or missing in four years

Since 2014, at least 56,800 migrants either have been killed or missing.

A comprehensive study has been published, which reveals that the number of refugees who have lost their lives or missing worldwide is much higher than expected.

A large number of data, including international organizations, forensic records, loss declarations, and death news, were collected, and at least 56,800 refugees have been killed or disappeared since 2014.

UN data shows that 28,500 people have disappeared or died in four years, while the research made by Associated According to Press indicates that these figures are much higher than the actual picture.

According to the survey, some of the asylum seekers who set out in hopes of a new life were killed at the bottom of the sea or under the sand in the desert. In addition, it is stated that the families did not apply for missing.

Since the refugee crisis that broke out in 2015, asylum-seekers have been trying to cross Europe through the Mediterranean. (ILKHA)

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