7-year-old Amal Hussein, whose health condition worsened and she was hospitalized due to starvation in Yemen, lost her life.

Hunger-related deaths continue in Yemen, where subjected to systematic attacks of the Saudis.

In the country where approximately 14 million people struggled with hunger, the last victim was Amal Hussein, who was 7 years old.

The 7-year-old Amal Hussein, whose weak photo was on the agenda of the world, lost her life due to hunger like many of her peers.

"My heart is broken," said her mother, Mariam Ali. "Amal was always smiling. Now I’m worried for my other children."

Last week, the New York Times published a photo of Amal, who was lying very weakly in a hospital in northern Yemen. The photo was shared on social media and calls for help were made for Amal.

14 million people in Yemen face the danger of hunger

The UN says that 14 million people are at risk with starvation due to famine in Yemen.

In the country where there is a humanitarian crisis in many areas, especially in health care, lack of access to clean water, malnutrition, lack of medicines and medical supplies caused epidemics especially cholera, which is increasing day by day.

According to the United Nations, in Yemen, where the civil war continues, 75 percent of the country's population, more than 22 million, need help and protection. (ILKHA)

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