The public showed a great reaction to the arrest of student Emine Şahin, who first detained in Edirne by the police and arrested by the court on statements she said: "was prepared by the police".

The student named Emine Şahin, who was detained by the police for saying; "This is an uprising" as she passed through the area where the "November 10" ceremonies were held in Edirne, west of Turkiye, was later arrested by the court on the statements she said "prepared by the police", which are not her own statements.

The arrest of the student Emine Şahin on non-self-statement, allegedly was written by the police, was met with the great reaction by the public.

Şahin said that some statements in the police report do not belong to her and that she did not insult anyone in the area and did not shout anyone where the ceremony was held.

Beginning with the decision of the Council of State "nationalist student oath", the CHP deputy's remarks on adhan to be read in the Turkish language, and finally the arrest of a student unlawfully for saying "Atatürk is not a deity", brought question in mind that is this the new Turkiye?

The fact that Şahin's opinion, who criticized the tides of people at the point of intemperance and understatement, was regarded as an insult, which met with a great reaction of the public.

Social media users, in particular, reacted to the court decision by opening #AllahtanBaşkaİlahYoktur [There is no God but Allah] hashtag in social media.

"Ataturk is not a deity. God has the law. No way! that a person was arrested in the country because she said 'Atatürk brought the law of the west'. Our nation should not be driven and disallowed to be separated through our common beliefs and values," Mustafa Destici, Chairman of Büyük Birlik Party and Ankara deputy.

Fatih Tezcan also shared the following messages: "A woman in Edirne was arrested yesterday because she said, 'Atatürk is not a god! God has the law! Ataturk brought the laws of the West! 1 - Ataturk was not a god: Allah has the law. Atatürk brought the law of the west. 2- Where are the women's associations? 3-Where are Muslims?"

"21-year-old University student Esra Şahin, who was arrested for saying 'Ataturk is not a deity'! If a person, in 2018, cannot say 'He is not a deity' for someone died 80 years ago; there is no Republic in that country but Necrophilia! Salute to that brother and shame on Muslims like us!" said Tezcan.

"Is there no official to make an apologies phone to our medical student sister, who was detained in Edirne for saying 'Atatürk is not a deity'," asked historian and author Mustafa Armağan.

"#AllahtanBaşkaİlahYoktur [There is no other God but Allah] on land and in the sky. History has also recorded the mortal fate of those who have been claiming that they are God," said HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Said Şahin.

On the other hand, thousands of social media users demanded the release of Emine Şahin as soon as possible.

Social media users, who described it as a shame for today's Turkey to condemn people for expressing their opinion, have expressed that such incidents have cast a shadow on the rule of law. (Mustafa Kaynak - ILKHA)

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