Turkish Supreme Court approved the penalties of HUDA PAR vice presidents Said Şahin, M.Bahattin Temel, and deputy candidate Fikret Gültekin announced Monday HUDA PAR leader Ishak Sağlam.

The Turkish Supreme Court signed a scandal verdict by approving the penalties of the case, which was a plot opened by FETO judiciary against party vice-presidents Sait Şahin, Bahattin Temel, and HUDA PAR's 26-term Istanbul deputy candidate Fikret Gültekin.

Announcing in a press release, HUDA PAR leader Ishak Sağlam reacted to government officials.

Reminding the President's remark, "there is no such a justice," Sağlam said: "Despite the confidentiality decision during the preparation in the file, images were served to the press and the conspiracy was tried to be perceived as real."

Saying that his friends were punished with unjustified decisions, Sağlam continued: "At the beginning of the year 2011, some individuals had been released due to a ten-year detention period. It was claimed that unsigned so-called notification e-mails were sent to the security units informing that those [HUDA PAR] members helped individuals to escape abroad."

HUDA PAR leader remarked that those unnamed emails were sent by some security members, said so-called notification emails were granted as reasons to sentence party Deputy Chairmans Sait Şahin, Mehmet Bahattin Temel, and journalist Fikret Gültekin on the grounds that they had committed the crime for being a member of an illegal organization.

"We have been informed that the decision was taken by Istanbul Anatolia 11. Heavy Penal Court has been approved by the Supreme Court of Appeals and that the verdict has been finalized in this way," Sağlam said.

"Our friends were marked as terrorists by the judges and prosecutors dressed terrorists"

Giving information about the judges who prepared the indictments, HUDA PAR leader said all had been criminalized from the FETO.

Almost all of the law enforcement officers who have been carrying out transactions about our friends have been removed from the profession on the grounds that they are members of the FETO, and some of them are still being tried as detainees.
The prosecutor who prepared the indictment, Hakan Karaali and the prosecutor Ismail Tandogan who requested the punishment of our friends, were among the prosecutors who were suspended from office on July 16 hours after the coup attempt, which giving enough information about their identities and intentions.
Together with these two prosecutors, the president of the court who punished our friends on the grounds that they were the head of the organization, Hadi Çağdır, court members Mustafa Başer and Mesut Özcan were dismissed from the profession by the decision of the Supreme Council on August 24, 2016.

The justification for the dismissal of the profession [of police, prosecutors and judges] is because they were member of a terrorist organization said Sağlam and added: "In other words, our friends have been marked as terrorists as the result of a trial, over a file formed by the terrorists, who were wearing police uniforms, judge and prosecutors costumes."

Stating that despite the situation, investigation and all stages of the prosecution were known [by the government], Sağlam noted that no steps have been taken to eliminate conspiracy. "The government has remained a spectator to the conspiracies that have been staged against our friends," he added. (Ramazan Casuk, Hamza Adiyaman, Muhammad Said Aksoy - ILKHA)

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