The historical tombs are going to be moved in Hasankeyf, called "Hısn-ı Keyfa" during Ottoman Empire, which contains the works of many civilizations with a history of 12 thousand years.

Hasankeyf, which is an ancient city, has many civilizations with a history of 12 thousand years.

Hasankeyf that called "Hısn-i Keyfa" during the Ottoman Empire, is in danger to remain underwater due to Ilısu Dam.

Some historical works in Hasankeys while being preserved in their place, some of the works are preserved by moving to a new location.

Due to the Ilısu Dam, which begun to be contracting 12 years ago by the General Directorate of State Water Works, effort to move historical works continue in Batman's Hasankeyf District.

So far carried historical works are; Zeynel Bey Tomb, Imam Abdullah Zawiyah, Middle Gate of Hasankeyf castle, and the minaret of Sultan Süleyman Complex.

Works continue to move Al-Rizk Mosque minaret and Ayyubi Mosque to their new location in the new Hasankeyf. It was reported that the entrance door of Sultan Süleyman Mosque and the historical fountain will be moved till the end of the year.

In addition, the tombs of the people, such as Sheikh Ali, Abdullah Yukanna (Vêrkanne), Baba Haydar and Sheikh Sevenç, who were scientists and scholars from the historical district, will be moved to the cultural Park area.

Some works, such as Mardinike Complexes, Yamaç Complexes, Sultan Süleyman Complex, which light on the history and cannot be moved, will be preserved in their own place.

Giving information about the tombs that plan to be moved, Hasankeyf Culture Association President Ahmet Akdeniz, confirmed that the tombs will be moved to their new location and the new Hasankeyf district in order to be preserved from flooding. (ILKHA)

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