At a press conference organized by MAZLUMDER's Ankara Branch, it was noted that no one tries to eliminate the victimizations caused by judges and prosecutors who are now accused of being a terrorist.

MAZLUMDER Ankara branch held a press conference at the association building in order to draw attention to the victimization of Islamic-ID prisoners who have been held in prison for many years as a result of the conspiracy and fabricated evidence established by FETO judiciary and Feb. 28.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations, relatives of victims and prisoners attended the meeting held with the theme of "Enough for February 28!"

Families, who have been victimized by FETO judiciary and February 28, have called for "justice " for relatives who have been wrongfully and unjustified in prison for 18-27 years.

Families demand a fair trial for hundreds of prisoners held in prison for their Islamic identity.

Hizb-ut Tahrir member Yılmaz Çelik, who released of prison as a result of an individual application to the Constitutional Court, told about his victimhood.

"This is a serious persecution"

Çelik stated that they had been subjected to a huge persecution, "We have been punished by the case law of the Supreme Court of Appeals 9th Criminal Chamber. This is a serious persecution."

Çelik noted that the members and presidents of the 9th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals have been dismissed from the profession, some of whom are in prison and some are fugitive.

"We see that the mentality is still continuing"

By giving examples of HUDA PAR executives whose sentences have been confirmed, Çelik stated that the FETO mentality is still continuing.

The judges and prosecutors of 9th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals were usually from FETO group. Because the president of the 9th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals and its members are currently on trial for this case. The 16th criminal chamber is carrying practices of the 9th criminal chamber. We do not understand this. After July 15, many judges and prosecutors of the 16th Criminal Chamber changed. But we see that the mentality is still continuing.

Saying that changing individual does mean anything as long as the mentality is same, Çelik continued: "We see that the mentality sentenced many Muslims during the February 28 process, remains the same. In fact, a few days ago, the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled for the executives of HUDA PAR."

Speaking on behalf of Initiative of Families Victimized by Feb. 28 and FETO judiciary, Hüseyin Olam said they are conducting a series of works to eliminate the lawlessness and establish justice.

"There are more than 400 people in prisons victimized by Feb. 28 and FETO"

Saying that they seek justice for all those who are held in prison unjustly because of the Islamic identity, Olam continued as: "My brother sentenced to life imprisonment has been imprisoned for 18 years. We have been victimized by the briefings of February 28 and FETO judges. There are more than 400 people in prisons who are victimized by FETO and 28 February because of their Islamic identity."

"There are no efforts to eliminate the grievances caused by judges accused as terrorists"

We strive to eliminate the unlawfulness imposed to these people. Justice is necessary for everyone. According to our faith, justice is not looking at one's gender, color, nationality. But somehow today we see the opposite when it comes to practice. No one is making an effort to relieve these grievances caused by judges who are now accused of being terrorists.

"Those who understand July 15 still do not understand the atrocities of February 28"

"We know that today's government and judiciary will understand us very well, but we still see that they do not," said Şükrü Can, president of Kardelen Association that operates in Ankara.

A big strike wanted to be made against political will with the July 15 coup attempt. Those who understand July 15 still do not understand the activities of February 28. We still see that the rights of February 28 are not granted.

MAZKUMDER Ankara Branch Chairman Abdurrahman Ünlü noted that the punishments given to the victims of February 28 with the evidence and the files formed by torture should be decided within the scope of a fair trial.

"Despite more than 21 years have passed, the February 28th coup continues with all its weight against Muslim political prisoners and their families," he added. (ILKHA)

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