Speaking at the 27th International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu said, "The reason why the Islamic Ummah in this situation are ignorance, division, and poverty."

The 27th International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities, organized by the Center for Economic and Social Research [ESAM], began in Istanbul with the theme of Islamic Union and New Era with its Changes and Transformation.

Emergency assistance and Health, Development, Politics, Economy, Technology, Youth, Women and Family, Education, Media and communication topics will be discussed in the sessions attended by 250 representatives from 80 countries.

Speaking at the Congress HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu stressed the current situation of the Ummah as ignorance, division, and poverty, said the solution is to unite.

Describing the situation of the Islamic Ummah, Yapıcıoğlu said: "In the last century and centuries before it, even in the 1980s, the racist imperialist west, which was until the occupation of Afghanistan, had sent troops and occupied our lands. They [imperialists] were martyring our brothers, but they were also been killed."

Then they started to shoot us with missiles and bombs from afar. In the last 20 years, they have succeeded in making us kill each other by selling us their weapons. They're killing us in this new era, taking away our underground resources, but nothing happens to them.

Yapıcıoğlu noted that the imperialist west succeeded enmity among Muslims by drawing attention that they sell their weapons over the Muslims' blood.

"The reasons why we fall into this are ignorance, division, and poverty"

Stating that the problem and the disease are certain, Yapıcıoğlu asked how have Muslims fell into this situation?

"In my opinion, it is possible to summarize this in three words; ignorance, division, and poverty," he added.

The sect bigotry and nationalism are because of ignorance. We lost unity when this bigotry took place among us. The ignorance first divided us then made us fight each other. We shattered and lost our power.

"While the 70 percent of the world's energy resources are in Ummah geography, we starved, our skin clunked to our bones," said Yapıcıoğlu by drawing attention to the cure of this disease is unity.

It is to solve our problem through dialog without transferring them to imperialism. So it's to unite, being a brother again, it's science, it's charity, and dealing with each other's troubles.
Either we will re-establish the law of fraternity, we will re-realize that we are brothers, we will help each other or that is how it is going to go.

Referring to Allah's help, Yapıcıoğlu noted that they are not hopeless. "We are not hopeless. Surely the promised 'One' [Allah] is the strongest, and He will never break his promise. Allah will perfect His light. Allah does not need any of us to perfect His light. But it is we in need to work for the perfection of His light."

"I would like to express with all my heart that, one [he/she] will save himself/herself even if he/she could not save the Ummah, who has taken care of the interest of the Ummah, and who has made every effort in this regard." (Nizamettin Aşkın - ILKHA)

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