One of the 3 dam gate in Dicle Hes Dam in Eğil, district of Diyarbakır, collapsed due to pressurized water.

One of the 3 water disposal gates of the Dicle Hes Dam, which is located in the Selman Neighborhood of Eğil, collapsed due to pressurized water.

According to the information, three gates placed in the Dicle [Tigris] Hes Dam were opened for drainage of water that has increased due to excessive rainfall that has been effective in recent days.

It was stated that a dam cover was dislodged due to pressurized water and water started to flow into the river bed.

When the other 2 doors were closed, it was learned that the other valve that was dislocated was flooded with water.

Gendarmerie and state hydraulic works personnel were dispatched to the scene upon notice.

Authorities reportedly phoned Selman, Yatır, Kaya, Balaban, Akalan, and Tepecik village heads, informed them and asked them to be cautious. (ILKHA)

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