A mass press meeting was held by Caravan of Martyrs Platform in Diyarbakır on the anniversary of Yasin Boru and his friends who were slain by HDP/PKK members last year during 6-8 October protests

Caravan of Martyrs Platform organized a mass press meeting on the anniversary of slain of Yasin Boru and his friends who were killed by HDP/PKK thugs last year while they were delivering meat to impoverished families.

To the commemoration program which was started with reciting Quran, vice presidents of HUDAPAR M. Huseyin Yılmaz Vedat Turgut, head of Diyarbakır office Seyhmus Tanrıkulu, Chief Editor of Dogruhaber newspaper Mehmet Goktas and a lot of representatives from various NGOs participated.

Crowd often shouted Takbeer (Allah Akbar) and carried the posters depicted Yasin Boru and his friends

Making the opening speech of the program, head of Caravan of Martyrs Ömer Celik said, “Once we burned and baked in the fire of Nimrud, we became Abraham and objected Nimruds and didn’t accept their fake gods. Once we became Zachariah and cut with saws. We became Huseyin. Yasin, Hasan and Riyat and thrown down from balconies and overrun by cars.”  

Indicating that they wanted to save people from fire, Celik said in his speech that, “We want your favor and to be blessed. We are the heirs of the Prophet. We are Kurdistan’s oppressed and persecuted community holding the banner firm at the cost of our lives and blood which was entrusted by Prophets and martyrs.”

After Omer Celik, Vedat Turgut vice chairman of HUDAPAR made his speech by pointing the apartment building from which Yasin Boru and his friends thrown down. Turgut said, “They sought shelter on the third floor apartment to protect themselves. But these brutal thugs left customs and traditions of Kurdish people just as they left Allah’s religious and threw them down from the third floor. These savages martyred them with cleavers, bats, adzes, iron bars and weapons. Smashed their heads with rocks and tried to cut their heads off with sharp knives.”

Expressing that martyrs proved the righteousness of their cause to the world with their way of being martyred, Turgut said, “Yasin gave a meaningful message to the entire world. Yasin and his friends must be embraced and to be followed.”

Criticizing the state due to its security negligence, Turgut said, “You weren’t at these streets last year, and didn’t protect your people. Only you protected your soldiers, police and garrisons.”

Mehmet Goktas one of the participants, chief editor of Dogruhaber Newspaper, also made a speech in the program. Goktas emphasized that the Kurdish people wouldn’t surrender these communists as they didn’t do to Kemalism.

Reminding the violence lived in the incident, Goktas said, “They were martyred in such a way ones that who saw and heard deeply never doubted whether they are real martyrs or not. They believed with all their hearts that they are the real martyrs.”

Indicating that Yasin and his friends’ martyrdom affected young in the west of the country positively, Goktas said that, “Especially when you mention the name of Yasin, Hasan, or Riyad, the eyes of your Turkish brothers in the west light up. They feel such a respect and love for you that they have never loved you so much before.”

 After the press meeting, families of the martyrs, representatives of NGOs and people of Diyarbakır left roses to the place they were slain. (ILKHA)

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