Footages taken by ILKHA's drone team show pressurized water flow from the broken gate of Dicle Dam, in Diyarbakır's Eğil district, southeast of Turkiye.

One of the three gates of the Dicle Hes Dam, located in the Selman neighborhood of Eğil, was broken caused by pressurized water on Thursday.

The pressurized water flowing after the breaking cover caused an increase in the river level, while the ILKHA team viewed the region from the air with the drone.

The water level in the reservoir has increased rapidly in the Dicle Dam due to the continuous rainfall over the seasons, which was built for irrigation, drinking water and energy on the Dicle [Tigris] River, and has been in operation since 2000.

In order to control the level rise, one of the three gates was accidentally dislodged at around 18.30 during the operation. As the result of the broken dam gate, about 1600 cubic meters per second of water, began to discharge from the gate towards the natural riverbed.

After the incident, the authorities made the warning. Diyarbakır Governorate has formed a crisis table on the issue, the decision was taken to evacuate some houses in the neighborhoods of the riverside.

While riverside houses were evacuated by the gendarmerie, AFAD teams frequently announced on the Ten-Eyed Bridge and asked for measures to be taken.

Governor warned citizens who live in riverside

"This will cause the Tigris river bed to rise three or four meters above its current level and the water in the river bed will expand," said the governorate in a statement.

"Since it is expected to reach the city center in about 4 hours, all our citizens should be careful who live and use these routes in the settlements adjacent to and close to the Tigris river bed," the statement read.

The governor office also warned citizens in the districts of Eğil, Yenişehir, Sur, Çınar, and Bismil in order to avoid the risk of life, property and vital harm could be caused by the riverbed.

Water disposal will last 3 days

"Water disposal is expected to last for about three days," said Diyarbakır Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu in his twit through of the official twitter account.

Warning citizens, Governor Güzeloğlu added that maintaining this sensitivity and not abandoning the measures are very important for the safety of life and property. (Hamza Adiyaman, Ramazan Zeren - ILKHA)

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