Answering reporters' questions in Istanbul, President Erdoğan, with regard to the latest developments in Manbij, said: "There is nothing definite or concrete yet in Manbij."

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered reporters’ questions in Istanbul after Friday prayers. 

In answer to a question about the latest situation in Manbij, President Erdoğan stated: "We know that Syria is conducting a psychological action in Manbij. We know that there is a situation like waving their own flag there. But there is nothing definite or concrete yet."

Further stressing that he already addressed the issue with the relevant security and intelligence units, President Erdoğan noted that he could pay a visit to Russia or have a phone call with Putin depending on the outcomes of the talks the Turkish delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is slated to hold Saturday in Russia.

Underscoring that it is not just about Manbij, President Erdoğan said: "Our aim is to make sure that the YPG learns its lesson. We are determined to make it happen. We have taken all the necessary measures and our armed forces are currently carrying out necessary works in the region."

Pointing out that he cannot go into details because doing otherwise might undermine intelligence efforts, President Erdoğan emphasized that Turkiye is successfully engaging both with the U.S. and Russia on the issue. 

"We are against the partitioning of Syria"

Noting that there was a process that was launched during the previous U.S. administration concerning Manbij, President Erdoğan said that Obama, however, didn’t honor the promises he made.

"We kept exercising patience. The issue came up again in the Trump administration. Trump told us that we could conduct a joint operation here. Likewise, with Putin, we discussed the steps we could take concerning humanitarian aid in Manbij. We talked about all of these issues," said President Erdoğan.

"These lands, of course, belong to Syria. We are against the partitioning of Syria. Our main goal is to ensure that terrorist organizations leave the area. Once they leave the area, there will already be nothing left for us to do there," he noted.

Pakistan's decision to recognize FETO as a terrorist organization

In answer to a question concerning the Pakistani high court’s decision to recognize FETO as a terrorist organization, President Erdoğan underlined that it is of great importance for FETO-affiliated schools and institutions in Pakistan to be transferred to the Maarif Foundation, a process that is to ensue the recognition of FETO as a terrorist organization.

The President also drew attention to the favorable developments in Azerbaijan with regard to the fight against FETO, expressing his hope to give good news about the issue within a couple of days. (ILKHA)

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