look for their cars lost under the snow

After the intense snowfall that was effective for 3 days in Bitlis, east of Turkiye, people began to look for their lost vehicles buried under the snow.

Life began to return to normal after stopping snow in Bitlis. Due to heavy snowfall, which was effective for 3 days, roads were closed while communication with villages was lost, and schools were closed.

In the city, where life has come to a halt, the struggle against snow has been started. Due to heavy snowfall for 3 days in the city, vehicles of people buried under the snow.

With the stop of snowfall, people began to search for their lost cars with snow shovels. ILKHA's correspondent witnessed that some people were surprised to see the car that freed is not belongs to them.

Some have spent hours trying to clean their completely snow-buried vehicle without harming it. In the city where life returned to normal, education has begun again while schools were closed for 3 days.

Municipal teams are working to open roads in the main and intermediate arteries blocked in the city center while the highways teams continue to work continuously to prevent the main road from closing to traffic.

Oguz Kaya, who resides in Bitlis, said he found his vehicle in the snow after an hour search. "Due to the heavy snowfall that was effective in our city, our vehicles have been completely buried in snow," he said.

"Finally, as you can see, I have freed the car and now trying to clean it," he added.

Murat Bilge, another resident, said that his vehicle was completely buried in snow in front of the building he lives and that it took hours to find and freed his car.

The most notable event was when a car owner freed a snow-buried car, thought belongs to him, cleaned it but surprised when it wasn’t his car.

At least 160 village roads in Bitlis

At least 167 villages were closed due to snow and storms. Bitlis Special Administration Road and Transportation Services Manager Umit Kurtkan, said at least 167 village roads closed to transportation because of the heavy snowfall, while added that teams continue to work to open these roads. (Şükrü Tontaş - ILKHA)

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