HUDA PAR invites the Turkish government and Islamic world not to stand idle to the persecution that continues in East Turkestan.

Drawing attention to the state terror that Communist China has perpetrated for many years against Uighur Muslims and continues with all the violence, HUDA PAR headquarters underlined that this situation ignored by the countries as well as by the political authority in Turkiye.

Uighur Muslims, who were tortured in China's concentration camps in Eastern Turkistan, were forced to work as slaves in factories built by the Communist Party. They are forced to accept these jobs in direction of orders and threats.

The Gulag camps, which were established in the Soviet Union era, forced people to work on stone quarries and railways and now has emerged in China under the name of laojiao.

In these camps, which restructured in 2013, Muslims are assimilated with communist doctrine and torture.

According to the United Nations, around one million Muslim Uighur Turks are being held in concentration camps that China has introduced as the "education center" to the world.

HUDA PAR denounced the human rights violations, massacres, assimilation, isolation policies, and prohibitions on religion, culture, interior, administrative and pressures that have been increasing in Eastern Turkistan.

"These atrocities were being sacrificed by political interests in some pro-government media organs," HUDA PAR said.

"The state terror, such as assimilation applied by the Chinese state against Uighur Muslims for years, interference in family structure, violation of dwelling immunity, domination over the home and workplaces, prohibition of worship, continue with all violence," HUDA PAR said in a statement.

Underlining that many people who have been put into camps and dungeons with false accusations are losing their lives as a result of severe torture, HUDA PAR noted that peaceful demonstrations are suppressed by bloody interventions.

"This situation, which is ignored by many countries, is ignored in Turkiye too, especially by the political authority, and is not expressed at all," the statement read.

Noting that the atrocities in East Turkistan are ignored by some media organizations, HUDA PAR underscored that sacrificing of innocence and victimhood to political, ideological and interest relations is a sign of a deep moral weakness and lack of sincerity.

"In this sense, as HUDA PAR, we emphasize that we stand with our brothers and sisters from the Eastern Turkistan as well as with all the oppressed within the scope of our possibilities," HUDA PAR said. (Ramadan Casuk- ILKHA)

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