Holding a press conference following the meeting of the Presidential Cabinet, Presidential Spokesperson Kalın stated that their main expectation is that this area [Manbij and the east of Euphrates] be under Turkiye's control.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın made statements and answered reporters’ questions in a press conference at the Presidential Complex following the meeting of the Presidential Cabinet.

Presidential Spokesman Kalın in the assessment of the safe zone in Syria to be formed, stated that their main expectations are that the region is under Turkiye's control.

Kalın stated that all relevant units, be it military or intelligence, of the Republic of Turkiye, have already thus far proven, be it in Jarabulus region, Afrin region or Idlib region, that it has the means and the capabilities to ensure security for everyone.

"Therefore, in order to implement a similar model in Manbij and the east of the Euphrates, our main expectation is that this area be under Turkiye’s control. Turkiye will never allow it to be a shield or a camouflage, under the name of SDF, for terrorist organizations like PYD/YPG," he noted.

Stating that the issue of the safe zone is of importance at this point, Kalın underlined that they continue to talk about this issue with Americans, Russians, and other stakeholders. "I mean, Iranians and other stakeholders."

"As you know, this issue is one of the important topics of our security and foreign policy agendas. We know that following Trump’s withdrawal decision, the military units of the U.S. administration have made some plannings on this issue," he said.

Underlining that they received some delegations here, Kalın added that Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is going to Washington tomorrow to follow the issue and participate in the Turkiye-Syria coordination meetings there.

Underscoring that their main expectation on this issue is that the steps that will ensure Turkiye’s national security be taken, Kalın said: "With regard to the safe zone to be created there, such figures as 30, 35 kilometers have been voiced.

"We have laid out our principles on how with which modalities and with what kind of a military presence we will do this. This zone should be under Turkiye’s control, not under the control of any other power," he noted.

Stating that Turkiye has been faced with many delaying tactics concerning this issue in the past one and a half years, Kalın said their determination with regard to this terrorist organization, the Syrian extensions of PKK, is quite clear.

"In fact, both Director of National Intelligence Organization and Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed these issues during their presentations. So, this issue will be on our agenda, and we will continue our discussions on this issue with both Americans and Russians. But, as I said, we will never allow any threat, any terror risk to occur again from this region to Turkiye. I would like to reiterate that we are determined on this issue," he underlined.

"The road map should have already been implemented"

"As two allies and two NATO member countries, it is of crucial importance for our bilateral relations, the security of the region and for the process in Syria that the Manbij roadmap be immediately implemented without further delay," Kalın said.

This issue will definitely be discussed in a comprehensive manner during our Minister of Foreign Affairs’ visit tomorrow. But, I would especially like to underline that both Mr. President's will and Turkiye's expectation is that this roadmap be immediately implemented.

"It is worrying that the US and Russia suspend the INF treaty"

Stating that it is worrying that the U.S. and Russia have reciprocally withdrawn from the INF Treaty, Kalın underlined that it has brought about security and stability in Europe and Russia as well as in our region over the past some 30 years.

"The Russians and the Americans are now accusing one another of violating the treaty. It is worrying that both of the parties have now withdrawn from the treaty. It is, of course, worrisome for all that a possibility or an atmosphere of a new arms race or of a new nuclear armament has now emerged at a time when the entire world should rather be cleared of all the nuclear and chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction," he said.

Inflation and IMF

Kalın also mentioned the inflation in his speech and added that a series of measures were taken in the fight against inflation in 2019 and that these measures would continue to be taken afterward.

Refuting that Turkiye has agreed with the IMF after the election, Kalın said these claims are the perception operations aimed at deriving the perception of the Turkish economy.

Kalın stressed that they also predicted where these perception operations were carried out and saw where they were coming from.

Greek PM Tsipras to visit Turkiye

Stating that Tsipras remarks show that he has a positive and well-intentioned approach, Kalın said they have a wide agenda of issues with Greece.

"We will have a busy agenda tomorrow on our bilateral, trade and economic relations as well as on the developments in the Aegean Sea, energy, the Turkish Stream Project, the Turkish minority in the western Thrace, the Greek minority living in Turkiye, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean continental shelf, islands and on all these issues." (ILKHA)

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