El-Shehab for Human Rights has invited international human rights organizations to take action for Mohamed AbdElhafeez, a member of the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] who was extradited to Egypt by Turkish officers.

El- Shehab for Human Rights Center called on international human rights organizations to take action for the fate of Mohamed AbdElhafeez Hussein, who was extradited by Turkish officers last month to junta Egypt police.

"For the 18th day in a row, the military coup authorities continue the crime of enforced disappearance of Mohamed AbdElhafeez following his deportation from Turkiye to Egypt," the statement read released on "ikhwanonline" web site.

The statement underlined that Mohamed AbdElhafeez was forcibly hidden in an unknown destination after being deported to Egypt on 17 January 2019.

Citing his family, the El-Shehab noted that Mohamed AbdElhafeez was sentenced in absentia to death on a number of issues, including the case known as a "media prosecutor".

Denouncing the coup authorities that kidnapped Mohamed AbdElhafeez, El-Shehab demands the junta regime to disclose the place where he has been hidden forcibly and allow him to communicate with his family and lawyers.

At the end of the statement, El-Shehab called on all human rights organizations to take action and a retrial demand with fair trial guarantees and conditions. (ILKHA)

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