People in Mardin, a southeastern province of Turkiye, have cursed coupist Sisi junta administration for hanged 9 young men in Egypt.

People across the world continue to respond to the execution of Ahmed Vehdan, Abu al Qasim Ahmed, Ahmed Jamal Hijazi, Mahmud al-Ahmadi, Abu Bakr al-Sayyid, Abdurrahman Suleiman, Ahmed Decvi, Ahmed Mahrus Sayyid and Islam Muhammad by the coupist junta administration of Egypt.

The citizens of Mardin, who responded to the execution 9 young anti-coup men by the Egyptian junta, expressed that they condemned the incident, called on the Islamic Ummah to take action in order to prevent such sad events from happening again.

"May Allah grand them with heaven"

Ahmet Oruç who denounced the coupist Egyptian administration for executing 9 young Muslim men, prayed Allah to take the revenge of those 9 innocent young men. "We condemn this heinous work. May Allah grand them with heaven. May Allah punish those who carried out these executions."

These young men were innocent and executed for no reason," said Mehmet Beşir Gargüli, who noted that he had learned the execution news through the internet.

Saying that those 9 young men were executed because they were against the coup, Gargüli asked Allah to punish those who caused this pain among the Ummah.

Ibrahim Halil Gargüli also condemned the execution of 9 young men by Egyptian junta. "The rulers of Islamic countries must act to stop the cruelty of the fiend Sisi."

"Turkiye should not remain silent against the persecution"

Hüseyin Arasan, who cursed the junta administration in Egypt that had committed the execution of 9 anti-coup young men, said:

After the coup in Egypt, many death orders were taken and the execution of these people comes from the silence of Muslims. Unfortunately, these executions are taking place because Muslims do not show enough pressure. The Islamic Ummah must now oppose these atrocities, and must act for unity and solidarity.

"I congratulate the martyrs of our martyr brothers, and Allah may give patience to their families. This persecution cannot continue in this way and condemn this persecution. We curse Sisi and his administration," he said.

Noting that he opposes of the extradition of Egyptian young man, who was sent to Egypt last month from Istanbul airport, Arasan underlined that Muslims should stand with those oppressed people. "Turkiye should not remain silent."

Mehmet Veske, who denounced the executions in Egypt, said that they are now in great sorrow. "The world, and especially the Islamic Ummah should denounce this act so that no such events happen again. Otherwise, it will happen again and again. We all must raise our voice against the persecution of fiend Sisi. Those the rulers of Islamic countries must halt this persecution."

Ramazan Ürün, who also cursed the Egyptian junta administration for the executions, said these executions have deepened their wounds. "I have nothing to say because my heart is bleeding. The persecutions carry out by the tyrants, I only refer to Allah's punishment. May Allah help Muslims."

Mehmet Öztürk also condemned and cursed the junta administration in Egypt, Sisi, coup plotters and imperialists.

Şehmuz Özdemir, another resident in Mardin, also said that Muslims should be in unity and solidarity in order for such events not to happen again. (M. Salih Keskin - ILKHA)

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