Footage of 3 young Ikhwan members in the courtroom explaining the torture inflicted on them has revealed. The torture inflicted on those young men, who were executed together with 6 other young men, has petrified people.

In Egypt, 9 Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] members, who were sentenced to death on the pretext that they were responsible for the bomb attack on top prosecutor Hisham Barakat, were martyred by Sisi junta.

The footage of Mahmud Ahmedi, Ebul Qasim Ahmed Ali, and Abu Bakr Seyyid Abdulmecid, who were executed among the 9 young men, while they explain the torture they had been inflicted, has curdled the blood of people who watched.

The torture while revealed the atrocity of the junta regime, also unveiled that those 9 people had to accept accusations under heavy tortures.

After the videos of young people confessed to crimes in court, the judge of junta asked questions to young men and addressed to Martyr Mahmud Ahmedi, "You just accepted all the accusations in the video. Start talking about the friends who took action with you?"

Ahmadi, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Language and Translation at Azhar University, said: "Let me start my speech if you allow me," he says that the cameras in the courtroom are switched off and not working, so he wants them to be operated.

"Because the cameras were switched off when we were tortured to force to these confessions. When we made these confessions, we had armed people, vehicles and tanks around us. These were not even around the prime minister. They surrounded us and made us confess forcibly," he says.

The junta judge, in a mocking manner, asks: "So you admit that you had friends around you?"

"Yes, there were men with me, but there were security forces. I had people with me doing the review for 20 hours. If you want, you can bring him the person you saw in that video and ask him. You can even ask us about the torture," Ahmedi says.

"O people look, look at the scars of handcuff on my feet and hands!"

The junta judge, which continued his mocking manner, and asks: "Are you saying that now the doctor's check-up report is fake?"

"The medical report given by the doctor is a lie. Look at here, [showing the scars left from tortures] are we or they are the liars? O people look, look at the scars of handcuff on my feet and hands!" Ahmedi said.

"The confessions in those videos were all taken under torture"

Thereupon, the junta judge interrupted the words of Ahmedi, and says: "Don’t push it."

"If you don't believe, you can take a close look at it. If you give me an electroshock device, I can make anyone confess in front of those people that he killed Anwar Sadat. So you may have understood what we had been going through. The electric that given to our body was enough for the 20 years of Egypt!" Ahmedi said and went on saying:

Here, all the confessions in those videos were taken under torture. I was in Lazoglu prison for 12 days. When I locked in there, a cop said to me, 'accept everything I ask of you. You are going to undertake the death of the prosecutor.' So I asked, 'is this not cruelty', he replayed, 'you going to undertake, don’t worry you will undertake it'.

"The person who tortured me and my friends is here"

Expressing that one of the persons who tortured him is present now in the courtroom, Ahmedi says, "If you want, I can point him. Then I do not know what is going to happen to me when I am back in prison! I saw him when I was in the cage, but when I came here to talk, he just ran out the back. The person, who tortured my friends and me, is here, but right now, he is trying to hide himself. I want that person here. I know he is here right now. I can show him to you amongst so many people."

In response to Ahmedi's words, the junta judge says with a brazen face, "You should have said this before."

"They tested all kinds of tortures on us"

Ebul Qasim Ahmed Ali, 23, a student of the Faculty of Islamic Calling at the Azhar University, tells the torture in court:

I was detained on February 19, 2016. They tortured me a lot. I was tortured every day since I was imprisoned. I was also tortured until two days ago. When they tortured me, they hit me in my sensitive parts. They hit my head, my eyes… They tested all kinds of tortures on us. They took us to different institutions to examine. At the institutions we took, we have been tortured every day for days by the employees of those instructions. They wouldn’t allow us to talk with our families.

"They were so tortured that I was screaming involuntarily"

Saying that he was taken into custody on February 25, 2016, 26-year-old Abu Bakr Seyyid Abdulmecid, Zekazik University Mechanical Engineering Faculty senior student, noted that he had been detained despite he had newly operation.

I am accused of murdering a prosecutor at the moment. Those who came to take me into custody had threatened me by a knife. I took me into custody despite I said I did nothing.
They tortured me by taking me to the police department. They were threatened me to bring my family, wanted me to say what they wanted me to say. They poured cold water in the winter, so they tortured me so much that I was screaming involuntarily.

"I can show you the scars of tortured parts," Abdulmecid asked the junta judge, but the junta judge replied as "No need!"

On the morning of 19 February, 9 Ikhwan members were hanged at Cairo Istinaf Prison by coupist junta regime of Egypt.

Ahmed Taha, the son of Muhammad Taha Wahdan, a member of the Guidance Office, known as the Ikhwan's highest executive delegation, was among those who were martyred.

The names of the martyred Ihvan members are as follows: Ahmed Taha, Ebul Qasim Ahmed, Ahmed Jamal Hijazi, Mahmud al-Ahmadi, Abu Bakr al-Sayyid, Abdurrahman Suleiman, Ahmed Muhammad, Ahmed Mahrus Sayyid and Islam Mohammed. (ILKHA)

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