In its message on the anniversary of February 28 coup, the Mustazafs Association emphasized that the coup mentality will not disappear unless settle accounts with civilian or military coups.

It was stated that 28 February coup aimed at suppressing a nation 22 years ago, preserves its freshness in memories.

The statement noted that the violations of rights in those dark days, repression and atrocities have targeted a generation that is the future of the country.

It was emphasized in the message that the innocent people who were imprisoned as a result of unlawful trials, the many students who were expelled from their schools, and the public employees who were dismissed from their jobs kept waiting for a real justice since the coup.

"Those who say that this process will continue for a thousand years were sentenced in public conscience. However, the actors of the February 28 coup, which was backed by the zionist-imperialist mind, who in essence aimed at the Islamic identity, were not asked to account for the crimes they committed," the message said and stressed that no attempts were made at politics, economy and the media legs of the coup.

"The oppressed who are imprisoned by unlawful trials should be liberated"

The victimizations of battue, where the law and the human rights were trampled and the Islamic Life is tried to be isolated, must be completely eliminated. The dirty state memory, which was written by similar tutelage mobs, especially February 28, should be cleaned.
Because of the dirty memory that exists, the obstacles in front of thousands of people still engaged in security investigations should be lifted. The pressure on people who have been plotted, seen as potential criminals, and the victimization that they are still living should be terminated.

"The oppressed who were imprisoned by unlawful trials and unjust grounds must be liberated." (Fırat Arslan - ILKHA)

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