People who made their livelihoods in Muş, an eastern province of Turkiye, by animal breeding, stated that the migration to cities would decrease if agriculture and animal husbandry are supported.

Migration from village to city will decrease if agriculture and husbandry are supported

In the High parts of Muş, where the winter season is noticeably felt for 6 months, citizens are trying to make their living with livestock. Some villagers migrate from village to city because animal husbandry is not supported enough by the state.

"The government should increase the support given to livestock, otherwise we will have to stop doing animal husbandry due to poor living conditions," say residents of Karabey and Çalış villages.

Citizens in rural areas cannot do anything other than animal husbandry, say residents. Indicating young people emigrate due to unemployment while made a call to authorities for the migration to be prevented. "The state should provide support in forage and barns."

"We demand the state offer us better opportunities"

Fesih Kaya, a resident in Boğaz hamlet of Karabey village, who doing animal husbandry, underlined husbandry is not an easy job.

"Winter continues for 6 months in our region. We also are dealing with animal husbandry. Animal husbandry is a difficult profession you know. We want the state to offer us better opportunities," he said.

"Young people do not do this job and migrate to the city"

Mahmut Kaya, who says that village youth prefer to migrate to the city instead of livestock, noted that animal husbandry in rural areas is very difficult because they do not have technological possibilities where the cities have.

"We do it by heart because this is how our fathers lived by doing livestock. This is not a profession that everyone can do. We want the state to increase support for livestock. Our young people do not do this and migrate to the city. We have a request from the state to stop this migration by providing support to livestock," Kaya stressed. (ILKHA)

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