Fatima Atlas, a woman in Syria who has been subjected to torture by the Bashar al-Assad regime in prison, cannot forget what she has experienced in the dungeon.

Women who have been imprisoned, tortured and mistreated in the 8 years of war in Syria cannot forget what she has been experienced. Fatima Atlas, who was subjected to torture by the Assad regime in prison, told ILKHA what she has been through.

Captured and imprisoned by the Assad regime with her three children, Fatima Atlas said she could not forget the ill-treatment she experienced in the Syrian dungeons.

Atlas, mother of three, came from the city of Homs, Syria, and took refuge in Turkiye, said she was imprisoned 4 years ago by the Assad regime for no reason.

"Many women are arbitrarily detained"

Fled to Turkiye 3 years ago, Atlas narrated to ILKHA's correspondent what her children and she went through. "I was arrested with my third children in Syria. I suffered severe torture and insults in the dungeon."

I was imprisoned without stating any reasons and without committing any crime. Many women detained in an arbitrary manner and continue to be arrested in Syria. Not only women even small children and the elderly are being thrown into the dungeon, where they are subjected to brutal torture.

Describing an incident she witnessed in the Assad's dungeon, Atlas noted that she cannot forget what she been through in the prison. "One of the young prisoners was wounded. They stitched her wound without narcotize. They did this on purpose to let her suffer without calling any doctor."

Every night at 3: 00, they were taking some prisoners. They would kill them under heavy torture, and then bury them in mass graves.

"The brutal war has no mercy on anyone from the Syrian people"

Atlas stated that people are still being arrested in Syria and that this brutal war has no mercy on anyone from the Syrian people. "We ask all governments and humanity to have mercy on us. We urge the international community to force on Syrian authorities to release of all prisoners." (Zeyd Varol, Nizamettin Aşkın - ILKHA)

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