heinous caricature was approved by the DBP co-president

The offensive cartoon with context of insult to Prophete Mouhammad (PBUH) reportedly was approved by the DBP co-chairman before hung on the bilboards.

While a cartoon drown by a Danish freak containing insult to Prophete Mouhammad (PBUH) in 2006, is still fresh in memories, this cartoon being carried out to Diyarbakir streets by DBP municipality has caused a great reaction.

The cartoon in question, reportedly was hung on the bilboards after being approved by DBP Yenisehir municipality co-president Ulku Baytas and deputy president Gulistan Nazlier Koyuncu. While it has been clear that the president and deputy president were well aware about the issue, the investigation being started on the municipulity staff that were ordered to hung the cartoon on bilboards was caused the comments on the incident to be hidden.

Evaluating this outrageous act NGO representatives, drew attention to that this wasn’t a simple pragmatism but rather a huge provocation on disposion of dark powers focusing on turning the region into a fire pit.

Indicating that the largest massive reaction was shown in Diyarbakir to the cartoon containing insult to the Prophete Mouhammed (PBUH) published in Denmark, in Diyarbakir is especially attention taking, NGO’s emphsized that the incident occured is not a simple event.

Noticed the shameless cartoons hung on the bilboards on 14th October 2015 people of Diyarbakir, have shown their reacion to DBP’s Yenisehir municipality by ripping the banners off, as soon as they noticed them.

Upon the realization of these cartoons the reaction messages began tor ise at same day, especially on the social media. Raising in the agenda immediately the incident, NGO’s, University student clubs relised the condemnation and pres relises.

Having to had an explanation DBP’s Yenisehir Municipality, claimed that the cartoons were hung on the bilboards were taken off. After the reactions raised, there was another explanation by the DBP Municipality they stated that there was an investigation started on the incident and it resulted with the disposal of an employee from his job.

The statement made by the Yenisehir Municipality weren’t found honest and satisfying. 72 NGO’s that carrying out activities in Diyarbakir held a pres release in front of the court building of Diyarbakir and stated that the event occured do contain insult to sacred and common values of Muslims, therefore they filed a criminal complate about Yenisehir Municipality for hunging the cartoons containing insult to Prophete Mouhammad (PBUH).

As the tone of the reactions have increased, also statements continued to be relised by the Municipality. According to the last statement held by the Municipality, contracts of 5 more Municipality employees were terminated.

The public opinion is that there could be abuse on the cartoons by the Municipality employees that were terminated from the job but that doesn’t require the Municipality authorities that allowed the cartoons to be hung on the bilboards to be ignored.

Of course, while these developments were taking place, on the other hand, very important allegations began to come on the agenda that in the bad event thaqt took place there was big role of DBP’s Yenisehir Municipality co-president Ulku Baytas and Yenisehir deputy president Gulistan Nazlier Koyuncu who is charge of woman and family affairs directorate, culture and social affairs directorate.

Reportedly the the two executives; Ulku Baytas and Gulistan Nazlier Koyuncu have seen, approved and sent the caricature to be published and ordered them to be hung on the bilboards.

After this ugly event attracted a large response of the people, only the employees that implemented the duty was given at, to be terminated from their job but the Municipoality authorities that ordered and approved the job not to be investigated caused questioning and the perception of that the event was actually held on purpose.

After the recent allegations on the agenda it has been curiosity that how kind of sanction will be applied by the DBP’s Yenisehir Municipality and what will their attitude be.

As it is knowing by the society, the DBP’s (Democratic Regions Party)Diyabakir’s  Yenisehir district Municipality has signed mind loss explanation. The Municipality’s woman policies directorate hung the cartoon with contex of insult to Prophete Mouhammad (PBUH) in the context with work out on child abuse last week. The cartoons were published to be hung on the bilboaqrds by the DBP’s Yenisehir Municipality caused a great reaction of society. (ILKHA)

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