scholars received diplomas in Istanbul

22 female scholars have received their diplomas within ceremony after compliting their education in the Madrasas within the ITTIHADUL ULEMA Istanbul branch.

Scholars and Madrasa Association (ITTIHADUL ULEMA) delivered diplomas of 22 scholars who completed  their education in Istanbul Cerkezkoy. Withing the program; members of Molla Cemal Cinar and course teacher Nazli Akyol, who are members of ITTIHADUL ULEMA hold a speech to attenders.

Expressing her hapy feelings of seeing the results of her 4 years journey effort of science cours teacher Nazli Akyol, said , "But we have something no to forget; their diplomas are not the end but the beginning, they are the keys of the science door. They are a dot of the science sea. I hope our girls, will both practice the science that they learnt here in their lives and also help to rescue others that sank into the swamp to get them to the coast of salvation. Because our Prophete (PBUH) said; ‘People have destroyed, except the scholars, the scholars were also destroyed, except those who practice within their scientific knowledge, those who practice with their scientific knowledge were destroyed as well, except the sincerity owners. When it comes to the owners of sincerity also they are facing with a very great danger.’ May Allah put us among those who practice with the knowledge of our scholar daughters.”

Allah bless everyone who contributed

Sending regards to everyone that spend their effort in the building the Madrasa, Akyol, said; "Finally, I would like to appreciate the valeuable material and moral support of our brothers and sisters who spent their contribution during the 4 years period of Madrasa studies. God bless. I hope God reward them more times then their effort. In particular, I would like to thank to the Sheik Ali lord who we were calling as ‘’Lord father’’ who have gained the mercy of Allah last week (died). I hope Allah will reward him in a best way. Give him speace in his best paradises. And again I hope Allah bless our brothers and sisters who are here among us right now."

You are the ones that will revive this society

And the Molla Cemal Cinar who stated that women are the main center of the society, said; "Revival of a society happens within the revitalization of women.  At the same time also revealing of a society will start withing the revealing of the women. Today with seing our head covered angels that hundreds of sisters will emberrace to look at I can find any words to express my happiness.  Therefore, my sisters, we need to know the value of this very good. You will revive this community. You can send men to war battles, but you will be handling the education of children. The community will be revived within the individuals that you will educate. The Islamic community was built on the shoulders of the women. They will revive the community by educating their children with Faith, respectfully and modesty. We must never forget that the scholars are those who are the most God-fearing ones. My precious scholar sisters! You should know the value of the scientific studies you had. Because you you have grown and will be growing the Mujaheed and revive individuals Insha- Allah. Today, you have grown  the female and male scholars that are grip of the earth. Humanity owes to those who raised this beautiful community."                       

Humanity will come to life within the righteous sons and daughters that were raised by our sisters

Also Reffering to some of the current problems of our century, Cinar said; "We are living in a century which material foreground interests like; ego, lust, shameless and the disgrace brough up to first plan and many sins have been committed. In a such century; if you live keeping the awake the modesty, emberracement and Islamic identity to the conferences of Imams and Mufties you will be pity yourself. My venerable sisters! If you would understand the Islam all Ummah will understand Islam. If you practice the Islam the Ummah will be practicing the Islam. Today we have unruly people in the world, if the people are finding right in destructing the World, it is just because they are short of sunnah, faith, modesty and moral while been educated by their mothers in their childhood. But in spite of everything Islam, the Qur'an and Sunnah are alive among us. Yes, today the community degenerated, deteriorated and lost their human personality, will be raised by our scholar sisters with the Faith." (ILKHA)

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