After the massacre in New Zealand, a group of terrorists attacked Muslims gathered for Friday prayers in London, England.

After the massacre in New Zealand, crusader minded terrorists are attacking Muslims. A group of terrorists in London, capital of England, attacked Muslims gathered for Friday prayers.

In London, a group of Crusader-minded terrorists attacked Muslims with hammers and sticks in front of the Ashaadibi Masjid and Community Center on Cannon Street in London.

Some Muslims, who responded attacks, repelled the gangs, who openly declared their enmity against Islam with slogans and bad words.

It is seen in the images published in the social media, gangs with cutting tools were trying to escape with the vehicle they came, while one of them was unable to get into the car, jumping on the hood and leaving the region in this way.

A Muslim reportedly was wounded in the attack while taken to the hospital by his friends.

Police launched an investigation to capture the attackers. (ILKHA)

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