Responding to US President Donald Trump's word on Golan Heights, Turkish Presidential Spokesman İbrahim Kalın said "the US administration is deepening conflict in the region"

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın responded to US President Donald Trump's "After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights," twit.

"The territorial integrity of countries is protected under international law," twitted İbrahim Kalın.

"The US government’s attempts to legitimate israel’s illegal actions towards Golan Heights mean nothing but supporting israel’s policy of occupation and deepening the conflict in the region," he added.

In a visit to Golan Heights along with the terrorist Netanyahu, Lindsey Graham, US Republican Senator of South Carolina said, "I will go back to the US Senate, working with Senator [Ted] Cruz, I will start an effort to recognize the Golan as part of the state of israel, now and forever. Because to give this territory up would be a strategic nightmare for the state of israel."

The US State Department in its annual review of human rights published on 13 March 2018 no longer refers to the Golan as "israeli-occupied". It is now "israeli-controlled Golan Heights". 

The zionist terror gang occupied Golan Heights since 1967. (ILKHA)

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