In a statement on the recount of votes in Istanbul, AK Party Deputy Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz said that the number of votes corrected in favor of the AK Party is 11,109 so far.

"As a result of the update at 530 ballot boxes starting on April 1st, the number of votes fixed in favor of AK Party is 11,109," said  AK Party Deputy Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz in a statement on the recounts of the votes in Istanbul.

Speaking at a press conference at the provincial party headquarters in Istanbul, Yavuz said the process is continuing.

As a result of the update at 530 ballot boxes starting on April 1st, the number of votes fixed in favor of AK Party is 11,109. I want to give a figure on the count of invalid votes. Invalid votes were recounted in 5,857 ballot boxes and it was understood that 641 of them were in favor of the AK Party.
I just stumbled upon a tweet of the Vice President of the Republican People's Party. He says that 'Ekrem Imamoglu won the election with 13,000 votes, even if all ballot boxes are recounted.' I found it noteworthy. This is what the point where the Republican People's Party has reached with the idea 'Let's never open the ballot boxes, let's never recount'.

"So many votes have fixed so far, we have more to fix!" he noted.

"We've seen a lot of ballots to be fixed"

Yavuz continued his words as follows:

These are so much. We have not taken any steps about these yet. We are still working on material error correction. We have seen a large number of ballot boxes to be fixed, out of counting by means of a financial error.
So it is possible to see that the numbers have changed a lot. Why are we doing this? We have only one purpose. To let the results come out very clearly. To let national will, Istanbul's will be reflected in the result very clearly.

"More different results will emerge"

Yavuz finally noted:

We are also relying on our election committees. See, these corrections are made by this system. It is not the system we have questioned. But we determine and correct the errors, misuse, and irregularities of those who enter this data and those who are involved in these processes.

"You will see, many different results will emerge. The arrival of the Thursday is certain from Wednesday. is certain. [Coming events cast their shadows before]." (ILKHA)

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