Over a year has passed since the massacre of over 100 educators, students and civilians in a madrasah bombed by the United States in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

Islamic geography, as in the past, is witnessing the cruelty and brutal massacres of imperialist states.

The imperialist USA targeted a madrasah on April 3, 2018, in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan, killing over 100 trainers, students, and civilians, and wounded dozens.

An Afghan official working with the US in the region claimed that the attack had been carried out against the Taliban, but wounded students brought to the hospital proved that civilians had been targeted.

The United States, trying to forge a legitimate cover for every massacre it has committed, has turned every Islamic geography into a bloodbath it has entered in the name of freedom.

The world press, as always, ignored the massacre of the madrasah in Kunduz.

Dozens of Quran nightingales, whose crimes were only to be Muslim and whose ages ranged from 6-12, were shot in the madrasa where they went to learn science. They were bombarded on the day they graduated and drank martyr sherbet.

The madrasah massacre in Kunduz was not the last mass massacre in the history of the USA's massacres. The imperialist USA continued to bombard and attack Muslims in the region. So much so that only the number of civilians killed in the country in the first three months of 2019 is expressed in hundreds.

It has been a year since the madrasa massacre, but those responsible for the massacre have not yet been brought to justice. (ILKHA)

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