The death toll has increased to 147 in Libya in 10 days clashes while 614 people were wounded, the World Health Organization said on Sunday.

The World Health Organization (WHO), made an explanation about the conflicts in Libya.

In a tweet on Sunday WHO said that at least 147 people have lost their lives while 614 others had been wounded since commander Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive earlier this month to take Tripoli, which is currently controlled by a UN-backed government.

Approximately 13 thousand people were forced to leave their homes because of conflicts WHO said.

In another twit through the organization's Twitter account, WHO said it is sending medical supplies, health staff support for first and second-line responders to Tripoli.

"WHO has deployed surgical teams to support Tripoli-area hospitals as they cope with the influx of trauma cases," the organizations said.

Two more ambulances were struck in Libya Saturday during the Tripoli fighting, bringing the total number to 8 since the violence began while World Health Organizations strongly condemned repeated attacks on health care workers, vehicles.

The United Nations continues to call for a temporary humanitarian truce to allow for the provision of emergency services and the voluntary passage of civilians away from areas of conflict.

Since the escalation of the conflict in Libya last week, more than 13,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. However, more than 1,500 refugees and migrants are believed to be trapped in detention centers where hostilities are raging.

"These are people in the most vulnerable and dangerous of circumstances. They have fled conflict or persecution in their own countries only to be trapped as conflict engulfs them again," said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.

"The risks to their lives are growing by the hour. They must be urgently brought to safety. Simply put, this is a matter of life or death," he said. (ILKHA)

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