After attacks on churches in Sri Lanka, where about 253 people were killed, violence on Muslims increased, while the enemies of Islam set a Muslim-owned factory on fire.

In Sri Lanka, attacks on Muslims have been increasing day by day following the attacks against Churches and some Hotels that carried out three weeks ago.

A factory operated by Muslims in northern Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, was set on fire by a group of enemies of Islam. The factory was completely burned down and became unusable.

A pasta factory belonging to a Muslim businessman was set on fire the last day in Sri Lanka.

In the country where curfew was in effect for two days, a Muslim person became the target of the attack. A mob carrying swords killed a 45-year-old Fazul Amen, owned a rug shop in the country's North West. Amen's funeral was carried out under intense security measures was said.

The enemies of Islam, on the other hand, also target Muslim-owned shops, houses, and mosques. The attackers are said to have attacked Muslims' homes with oil bombs.

Curfew declared in Sri Lanka to be effective from 21.00 evening following the increase of attacks against Muslims in the country.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe warned on Monday that the escalating tension in the country could disrupt investigations into attacks.

Three churches and five-star hotels were targeted in simultaneous attacks at Easter in Sri Lanka. At least 253 people were killed while 500 other people reportedly injured in the attacks where DAESH has claimed.

Access to social media was blocked by the government for a few days immediately after the attacks. In Sri Lanka 70% of the population is Buddhist, 12% are Hindu, 10% are Muslim, and 7% are Christian. (ILKHA)

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