G20 Antalya Summit held and hosted during the presidency of Turkey ends.

Holding a press conference to announce the outcome of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Antalya, President Erdogan said: The G20 is not a club club of the rich. We represent not only the nations that reached a certain level of prosperity but also the countries but also the countries that continue to their efforts to develop. In this understanding, we discussed terrorism and the refugee crisis during the summit in addition to financial matters. Turkey knows well that what terrorism is. We have been facing the severe results of terror since 1970s.

Expressing his belief that the Communique of Antalya Summit was an important document that would shape the future, Erdogan said that Turkey handed the G20 Presidency over to China.

“The attacks in Paris that occurred before the Summit deeply saddened us the leaders. We strongly condemn these attacks and we share the sorrow of France” Erdogan said, recalling that they observed a minute of silence at the beginning of the first session of the Summit to remember all, who lost their lives as a result of attacks in the world from Beirut to Baghdad from Ankara to Paris.

Noting that the strong position adopted by the G20 in its stand against terrorism was one of the most outcomes of the Summit, Erdogan said: “I have been attending G20 Summits since 2008. I have always remarked: ‘Without ensuring global peace and stability, we cannot talk about a strong global economy. Therefore, the G20 cannot have the luxury of overlooking the issues that directly affect global stability.”

Declaring that they were ready to contribute anyway they can to the international cooperation against terror, Erdogan said: “Sincere international cooperation and solidarity is a must in this struggle. This communique, adopted by the G20 leaders, is of significance to demonstrating our determined stance against terror. Terrorism has no faith, origin or region. It is extremely wrong to associate terrorism with any religion. It is also the greatest insult to the followers of that religion because life is sacred in all religions. We, inspired by our history, express this as ‘let the people lice so that the state will live.’ We should struggle against all terrorist organizations.”

Stating that the G20 leaders agreed on struggling against all terrorist organizations without discrimination, Erdogan said: “As muslim leaders, represented in the G20, we discussed our joint responsibilities against ISIS.”

“We opened our doors to all people in need regardless of their faith or origins”

Underscoring that conflicts and instability in Turkey’s region and different parts of the world closely affected everyone and that some countries araounf Turkey had become ungovernable, Erdogan stated that Syria stood out the most and said: “As a country that has close ties to its people and as its people, we have closely felt the effects of the tragedy in Syria since the day one. Turkey is housing over 2.5 million coming from Syria and 300000 from Iraq. We opened our doors to all people in need regardless of their faith or origin. This attitude is a humanitarian duty for us before all else. However, this unprecedented problem we face has long grown beyond the level a country can handle individually.”

“Assad, who has been slaughtering his people, has no place in the future of Syria”

Underlining that the international community must act in sincere solidarity, efficient cooperation and share the burden, Erdogan described the outcome of the Vienna meetings that ended last Saturday as a promising step towards solving the problem, adding that the issues, discussed in Vienna, would be elaborated in the upcoming days. President Erdogan declared the main goal of this process as preserving the territorial integrity of Syria, wiping out all terrorist elements, establishing a democratic, legitimate political structure.

“Assad who has been slaughtering his people, has no place in the future of Syria. Assad has long lost his chance. Keep in mind that Syrian refugees are fleeing from ISIS and the state terror, implemented by Assad regime. As the G20 countries, we declared that we would exert more efforts to help those refugees, the total population of whom is higher than many European countries.” expressing that linking the refugee problem with the issue of terrorism was evading humanitarian responsibility.

“We should display sincere solidarity in our struggle with this humanitarian crisis.” Erdogan added that: “As the g20, I believe we should set an example to the whole world about this issue. Steps in terms of security in Syria as ‘robust, sustainable, and balanced growth.’ we can do this together.”

“Reducing food wastage”

Noting that food safety, private sector’s role in development, foreign currency transfers by workers, a major source of revenue for many developing countries were also on the G20’s agenda, Erdogan stated that: “For the first time, we included reducing the loss and wastage of food, which is a global problem, in the G20 agenda. As the leaders, we called for strengthening private sector’s role in development. These were not the only contributions of our Presidency. During the first the G20 Energy Ministers’ Meeting, we included the issue of increasing access to energy particularly in Africa. We aimed to create a synergy by bringing together G20 energy ministers, African ministers and international organizations.”

“We, the leaders, discussed climate change, an important factor for sustainable development, in detail.” Erdogan said, announcing that he would attend the Paris conference at the end of this month on the invitation of president Hollande of France. Erdogan added that they also discussed global trade.

“I wish the outcome of the G20 leaders’ Summit may be beneficial for the whole world. I thank all heads of state and government and those, who contributed to the organization of the summit.” Erdogan said and ended his statements as follows: “I wish in advance that the summit that will be held next year during the Presidency of the People’s Republic of China, may yield beneficial results.” (ILKHA)

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