HUDA PAR Department of Foreign Relations issued a written statement about the downing of the Russian war plane. It is warned in the statement that the sides must be careful over the steps of spreading the war across the region.

HUDA PAR Department of Foreign Relations issued a statement over the developments after the downing the of Russian war plane near the Turkey-Syria border due to the violation of airspace.

Regarding the developments emerged after the downing of Russian war plane in Syria; HUDA PAR Department of Foreign Relations warned the region countries to play safe to prevent the war from spreading across the region.

“However an indirect intervention, they were involved with the civil war”

Drawing attention to the growing tension between two countries, though it has been four days, it is underscored in the statement that Turkey and Russia took part in opposite sides and supported different groups, however these attempts were indirect, they got involved with the civil war.

In the following of the statement; “Under the cover of launching offensive against ISIS, Russia sent war planes to Syria and got involved in the war de facto. By the way, striking the Turkey backed Turkmens in the region caused Turkey and Russia came up against and increased the tension between the countries.”

“Evil powers try to provoke a war between region countries”

Indicating in the statement that the statements made by the USA, EU and NATO over the incident aimed to incite Turkey and definitely far from commonsense but full of words to pit Turkey against Russia, it is remarked in the statement that, “As it is known western countries destabilize Muslim countries to exploit them and on the pretext of civil wars they incited occupy these countries. We observe this evil axis provoking a war between region countries.”

“Diplomatic resolution must be pushed all the way through”

“As HUDA PAR we have said since the beginning over Syria issue, it has been aimed to pit Turkey, Iran and Russia against each other and wage a war, now unfortunately we see that the latest developments acknowledge us that we weren’t wrong in our regards.” said in the statement. Indicating that now the current situation offers a great dangerous, it is remarked in the statement that, “of course, Turkey has a right to defend its sovereignty. Yet, Turkey must sense the manipulations to drag Turkey to a war and has to act rigorously let down these manipulations. Diplomatic resolution must be pushed all the way through and Turkey mustn’t have any possibility of war in her agenda. Yet any possible war in the region can bring benefit neither Turkey nor Russia or region countries.

“Parties must seek political solution for problems”

Indicating that unless a solution adopted in Syria civil war, it is inevitable for Turkey, Russia and Iran to encounter during the conflicts, it is noted in the statement that to prevent the war from ramping in the region is to stop the civil war in Syria immediately.

“As a first step for a solution must be to cease the clashes between regime and other armed opposition groups. The parties must seek political solution for current problems. They mustn’t occasion their land to be destroyed and ruin people’s lives.” said in the statement.

“It is again very meaningful for hearing responds from Chechnya puppet leader Kadirov and PYD over the downing plane” marked in the statement and it is added that,” this kind of explanations are kind of provocations to pull Turkey into a hot war. Everybody must act carefully for any steps to spread the war to the whole region.” (ILKHA)

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