HDP/PKK is having trouble with all Kurdish groups

Supported by HUDA PAR in election Diyarbakır independent candidate Yapicioglu, in the Diyarbakir stated that, HDP/PKK is having problem with all Kurdish groups.

Supported by the HUDA PAR Diyarbakır independent candidate Zekeriya Yapicioglu, has started his speech and attenders were often accompanying his speech by slogans against HDP/PKK and Selahattin Demirtas.

"Blood shedding HDP, having trouble with all of the other Kurdish groups”

Stating that, blood shedding HDP/PKK Yapicioglu, drew attention to HDP/PKK is having problem with all of the Kurdish groups that doesn’t think same as them.

During Yapicioglu's speech, shown as instigator of 6-8 October events and Idil massacre, HDP president Selahattin Demirtas was being cursed for long time. Participants also reacted strongly to Demirtas by shouting slogan as “killer Demirtas.”

"HDP/PKK is forcing all Kurdish groups that doesn’t perform as their puppets to leave their countries"

Starting to his speech by greeting people in Kurdish (Kurmanji, Zazaki) and Turkish languages Diyarbakir independent candidate Yapicioglu, said that: "Perhaps we would held a meeting in festival atmosphere but the news we got yesterday are wrenching our hearts. As always again they did bloodshed. They proved this once again. They are same everywhere. Wherever there is a conflict between two parties that fighting, they are one of the parties. Didn’t they attack to Iranian KDP and Iraqi KDP and kill their members? Did they not force all Kurdish parties to choose surrender or leaving their countries? They did not target anyone in Kurdistan of Turkey that doesn’t act as their puppets? Did they not hang banner saying that “It is dangerous and illegal to enter for any other parties than HDP? Did they not mock with the minds and intelligences of people by saying that they didn’t know or weren’t aware of these?”

"They are trying to fill the election dam with blood of oppressed people"

Stating that HDPKK is shed blood of thousands of people to fill the election dam (10 %), Yapicioglu continued: “Thousands of villages that burned, blood shed of 40 thousands of people wasn’t enough to fill the dam. Just filled marginal leftist groups. They did put father compassion of Aydin Dogan and it still wasn’t enough. They did put the script writers of one Turkey, February cold and it still wasn’t enough. They added more blood of, 52 people that they killed all around the Turkey on 6-8 October again wasn’t enough. They added perverts and again wasn’t enough. Yet it was not enough. It still won’t be enough. Why? Because there is hole at bottom of the basement. Despite the sentences that they keep repeating, they declared war on Kurdishness. They declared war on the honour and faith of the Kurds. And they keep struggling to break down. That's why they are constantly thinking of new things to throw into the dam. Yesterday, they killed two of our brothers in Idil, to put their blood in this dam."

"They consider Marginal leftists as brothers, but Muslim Kurds as enemies"

Indicating that they always have been aware of HDP/PKK'S cheatings, Yapicioglu said: "They do not have anything to do with the rights of the Kurdish people. They decided that the geography of Kurdistan is proper ground for their outdated mentality. Did they not say that they have thrown the idea of Kurdistan into the bin? Did they not attack to stand of those who want the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan? Did they not declare other Kurds doesn’t think like them as, enemies? In their view of life, socialist marginalized groups are brothers but other Kurds that don’t think in the same way of them and are proud are enemies. We have repeated many times. We are repeating again. Whoever creates problems between Kurds to keep their chairs more and wants to have more fun time is a traitor.”

"Even if you Massacre 27 thousand of us, we will not leave this place"

Underlining, violence that acted on 6-8 October and brutality exhibited in Idil, unmasked some people, Yapicioglu said: "Your end is close and you will lose your support. You will melt sooner or later. But if you do not want to melt. Then you should be sorry for things you have done and ask forgiveness from Allah. You have to make peace with people's customs. Here I want to tell you more things. Oh, blood hunger vampires. If you don’t know that Diyarbakir wasn’t invaded after being rescued from the Byzantine invasion on 27th of May 639 by Islamic armies, then I can remind you from here. Here there 27 friends of Prophet Muhammad lies as martyrs. This is not little. Even if you massacre not 27 but 27 thousands of us, we will not leave here.”

Yapicioglu continued: “Demirtas is dropping crocodile tears. He is saying sorry for those who were massacred by HDPKK, but there are n any tips showing that he is regretful even when threw his fake apologies.”  (ILKHA)

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