raids on people’s houses in Dargecit

Raiding on people’s houses in Dargecit, groups of PKK militants, trying to force people to get into conflicts by forcing to go out of their houses reported.

In the 6th day of the curfew declared, in Dargecit district of Mardin PKK raised pressure on citizens. Going in houses by breaking doors PKK groups are trying to get people in conflicts by using them as human shields reported.

Reaching to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA) by phone a person from Dargecit, said; “We cannot step out of our house since 6 days. Our children are scared of noises. We don’t have electricity for 2 days as well. Armed groups have set mines in every place of our neighborhood. We even cannot take our head from out of the window. And now they come inside houses by breaking doors and threat us. They want to use citizens as human shields. Although we have report the situation to the police and military, nothing have changed so far. The situation have started to get a very dangerous position. We don’t know what to do and whom to get help from. Something should be done immediately, we are in a very bad situation.” (ILKHA)

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