Murdered by PKK militants, in the 4th trial of suspects murdered Yasin Boru, Huseyin Dakak, Riyad Gunes and Hasan Gokgoz, while one of the suspects saying to Hasan Gokgoz’s father Mehmet Gokgoz in Kurdish “Good job we killed them” was evaluated as a big provocation, court delegation decided upcoming trials to be held without any family members of martyrs.

Murdered on 6-7 October during so called ‘Kobane’ protests in Diyarbakir 4th trial of Yasin Boru, Huseyin Dakak, Riyad Gunes and Hasan Gokgoz case was hold in ankara 2nd criminal court and complited.

Conducting statements after the trial complainant’s lawyer Murat Sadak, during the break one of the suspect provocated martyr Hasan Gokgoz’s father Mehmet Gokgoz by saying ‘Good job we killed them’. After the tension was experienced due to the provocation, court delegation decided next trial to be hold without participance of complainant families.

Indicating that tension was experienced as a result of the provacation of suspects, Sadak said the court room was emptied afterwords.

Sadak continued as: “After the courthouse was evacuated suspect’s defense lawyers lied by saying that they wouldn’t be able to defence due to security reasons. If there is a problem of life security than we are the ones that don’t have life security. We are also the ones addressed the security issue. The suspects demand their eviction in the court. Unfortunatelly the prosecution asked for evacuation for nine suspects. That surprised us. The reason of this demand is diagnosis of hidden witnesses. But actually the prosecutor didn’t ask for arrest untill the diagnosis so in this case the court was contradicted with themselves. While situation of 17 arrested suspects was decided to resume, arrest decision was taken for one suspect that was released in the previous trial. The court was delayed to 18th April 2016.

The provocator was Sedat Coban who smashed Yasin Boru’s head with stone

On the other hand according to information the provocator was PKK militant Sedat Coban who thrown Yasin Boru from 3rd floor, smashed his head and burnt his body with molotov.

 "Diyarbakır Police Department: We deleted the videos of that day"

Indicating that in the court it was asked if Diyarbakir police department had any security camera records, Sadak said: “As you know in this case it should have been researched that if there were any camera records and the records should have been added to the case file. Police department didn’t do this in the beginning. Actually they have security camera records but they weren’t added to case file. According to incoming papers from Diyarbakir police department, they said: “We only have image records untill 14:28 o’clock of that day, we deleted the other images. Imagine there is hell scenario in Diyarbakir, conflicts everywhere and Diyarbakir police department says that they have deleted the security camera records. As we have been saying this from the beginning Diyarbakir police department have relation with this. At least they are related to neglect dimension. As you know there were many 155 (police) voice records. Even though the victims called 155, police didnt go to scene. Afterwords Diyarbakir governor conducted statement saying: “If we sent our police, many of them would be martyred”. This obviously shows the neglect. If there were no neglects then the evidences should be collected and the criminals should be put in front of the court. We see that also this wasn’t provided. They have collected the evidences but the evidences are not in the file. Also hidden witnesses mentioned these as well.”

Lawyer Sadak, spoke regarding to provoccation of PKK militants,  sadak said: “The court delegation gave a break and while we were going outside from the courthouse, one of the suspects looked at uncle Mehmet and provocated him by saying: “Good job we killed them”. Is it possible a father like him whose son was murdered brutally in a violent way not to be provoced? If you put yourself in his place, you can’t stop there doing nothing. So tension rised and we calmed down uncle Mehmet by taking him out from the court house.

“Trial without participance of complainant’s families is against the justice”

Indicating that the court delegation decided for the trial to be held without participance untill the next decision, Sadak said: “Trial without participance of compliance families, is against justice. We will appeal this. This is a case that all Turkey is following up with. Trial without participance decision to be taken means inability for court indicators. We have applied for change of judger because of this and other similar events. Also the capasity of the court house that trial took place today wasn’t enough. This is not a situation to be accepted. Also images were taken from the ‘Anadolu Ajansi’ news agency, were submitted to court. We didn’t watch the images were given to court. Hidden witnesses indicated that they watched these images, while they were under the investigation. This means diagnosis can be made through these images but ‘these images are not in the file’. (ILKHA) 

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