​Hacı Mehmed, father of Selahaddin Ürük, one of the seniors of Hizbullah Association, demised despite all medical interventions in the hospital where he was rushed to after he fell sick suddenly.

Father of Selahaddin Ürük, one of the prominent figures of Hizbullah Association who was martyred in a police raid to the house he was residing in Tekir Yaylası in Adana province in 2001, Hacı Mehmet has deceased. Hacı Mehmet died in Derik state hospital where was he was taken after he fell sick suddenly. Hacı Mehmet is being expected to be buried in borough cemetery.

Mehmet Ürük, living a modest life in Mazıdağı district with his spouse Sultan Ürük, made remarkable explanations about his son in his interview with ILKHA on December 13 2015.

“We lost one Selahaddin but we won thousand Selahaddins”

Selahaddin Uruk was one of the leading names of the Hezbollah Brotherhood. His parents stated that they are proud of their son and also noted that they have lost one Selahaddin but won thousand Selahaddins.

Selahaddin Uruk, one of the leading names of the Hezbolah Association was martyred during a raid to his house in 2001 in Tekir Yayla, Adana. His parents have opened their doors to speak out to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA).

Uruk’s mother Sultan and father Haci Mehmet Uruk live together in their house in Mazidagi, Mardin. Father Haci Mehmet states that his son dedicated himself Islam at a very young age and he completed the Quran at the age of 6. Father also remarked that Uruk studied in school and he was elected as second in the province during the school examinations. He added that this was a gift from Allah to his son. After graduating from secondary school my son was granted with Diyarbakir Regional School and he completed high school in Samsun said father Uruk.

“He devoted his life to the service of Islam”

Father Uruk stated that his son met the Hezbollah Leader Huseyin Velioglu in 1984 he then pushed the world to aside with the back of his hand and became committed to Islamic services. Selahaddin Uruk was arrested in 1992 and was sentenced to Diyarbakir E Type Prison by the court. He was released after 10 months of imprisonment but in 1994 an arrest warrant was decided unlawfully where he began to live a refugee life.

“We are so glad for his shahadah”

Father Uruk stated that his son was murdered during a raid to his house in 2001 in Tekir Yayla, Adana. He added that, “My Lord loved both of them that he took them next to him. Both my son and Huseyin Velioglu left the works of world and only worked for their religious beliefs. Clinging to the Quran and Sunnah, they tried to help the humanity and of course they deserved martyrdom and they eventually became Shaheed.”

“No matter where he was he would not hold back from telling Islam”

Father Uruk underlined that his son had very good morals and that he was loved and respected by everyone. He added that, “When he used to sit down young boys would crowd around him. he used to tell people about Islam. He always said that we should not be trapped to the transience of this world and prepare for the life hereafter instead. Our relationship was very good and I never remember him upsetting me.”

“Consume your youth life in the way of Allah and his messenger”

Father Uruk continued to say that his son gave great importance to young people and he always spent time with them. Uruk advised that young people, “As a father of a Shaheed I advise young people to consume their life in the way of Allah and his messenger. The world we live in now is not important the life hereafter is the most important. There is hell and heaven and there is a life in the hereafter. Just the way my son Selahaddin did you should sacrifice your life to your religion. May Allah also grant me with shahadah.”

“He would teach Quran to 70-80 students in one room”

Mother Sultan Uruk also stated that she is proud of her sons shahadah, adding that “I remember years back we were in this room again and Selahaddin was teaching Quran to around 70-80 students in this room. I was so happy seeing him like that. After some time, my son was martyred and I am now an old lady after years. The students of Selahaddin are not here taking care of me. They stop and greet me and ask me if I need anything wherever they see me. I lost one Selahaddin but won thousand Selahaddin’s.”

“They martyred him because he followed the path of Allah”

Mother Uruk remarked that he loves his son and his son also loved him the same way, “He always said ‘O mother, you are very sweet and beautiful’. He was martyred because he followed the way of Allah and the Quran. We also follow the way of Allah and the Quran and will continue to follow with the will of Allah.”

Mother Uruk also added that his son was arrested and sentenced to Diyarbakir E Type Prison in 1992. During the interview mother Uruk held tight on to his sons photo and underlined that she is proud of him. (ILKHA) 

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